Write a 5 pages paper on remote ultrasonic pipeline monitoring system.

Write a 5 pages paper on remote ultrasonic pipeline monitoring system. The RUGOPMS measures the rate of oil or gas flow in the pipe under the ultrasonic Transit-time methodology. Regular transit-time flow meter works on the time difference emanating from the ultrasonic waves time period utilized in travelling between the transducers. The material flow measuring is achieved via the release of the ultrasound waves in the opposite and same direction of the fluid flow and recording the time difference emanating from the directions. Processing of the signals is achieved by the Arduino Uno microcontroller. When the analysis stage is complete, the data is transmitted to the receiver and then displayed on the display units or the users’ computers. The data output is presented either in graphs forms or figures form. The data obtained can be stored in memory, or analyzed, or be utilized in further usages, for example, pipe ruptures and leakage detection. In any case of leakage, users are informed appropriately. and ruptures are detected via alarm and users are informed of the emergency.

The Micro-Controller-Unit (MCU), Arduino Uno, in combination with power amplifier PA 85 from Apex Technology is utilized because of their high power efficiency. The Arduino Uno is a 16-bit MCU that has high-speed, compact dimensions, wide address space, low-power operations, and single main command single-clock execution with the gate-saving design. The RUGOPMS provides the following: instantaneous and integrated flow recording, low battery voltage detections and the pulse outputs for telemetering devices. Sensors are connected directly to the MCU’s comparators in order to reduce power losses.

Ultrasonic implies the sound waves or motions that vibrate rapidly, beyond the human ear range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. the ultrasonic waves incorporate frequencies beyond 20 kHz. The ultrasonic waves are similar to audible sound, for example, they require a medium for travelling. however, they are short in terms of wavelength.&nbsp.

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