Write a 5 pages paper on the gospels: portraits of christ.

Write a 5 pages paper on the gospels: portraits of christ. The young Americans of the 21st century are very different from the elderly members of their society, especially in their point of view regarding religion and beliefs. They are more inclined towards science than religion and spiritual beliefs. Many of them do believe in Jesus but take it in a very casual manner. The complications in their beliefs have increased in this era where science and technology have taken the lead and achieved the heights of innovations through research. In short, American society of the 21st century is not really influenced by the teachings of Christianity and most of them are not very extreme in following the commandments of Jesus.

Now that we have got a short description and knowledge about the current American society, we now move forward. There are basically four portraits of Jesus in the Gospel which are presented by Mark, John, Luke, and Matthew, justifying it to be accurate and authoritative, and is central to its belief system.

In the 21st century technology plays an integral role in everything, also the religion and spreading of correct religion. Advancement in communication opened doors for sharing information which is about the churches became common phenomena. Now the internet is available everywhere so churches are making websites and through the internet spreading the correct message, so in the 21st century there is a new trend of seeking out improved and new human methods along with an increase in attendance and human contribution. The major aim of these ideas is to strengthen spirituality and loyalty.

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Here it is important to state also the overall Gospel’s portraits of Jesus. All these have their own strong points. Mark wrote for Christians who were living in Rome, who were suffering under the persecution of Emperor Nero. So overall he also emphasized the suffering of Jesus and he portrays him as “Suffering Savoir, or Suffering Messiah”. 2 The Gospel of Mark was basically narrating the life of Jesus and basically focusing on the last week of his life. The Gospel written by Mark is the first Gospel that was written and it the shortest out of the four gospels of Mark, Matthew, John, and Luke. The material of Mark’s Gospel was also used by Matthew and Luke later on.

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