Write a 5 pages paper on the success of flayton electronics.

Write a 5 pages paper on the success of flayton electronics. The focus of Flayton Electronics was to determine where the problem started and to solve it before the customers learned about it from the media or other sources.

Howell (2010) defined critical success factors as a limited number of conditions in a business that directly impact the effectiveness and efficiency of a project. Critical success factors (CSF) are the important areas of business activity that must be performed well if the enterprise is to achieve the organization’s set missions and goals (Howell, 2010). CSF is important as it helps the business create a common point of reference for help during the problems that may arise during the business’s operations and measure the success of the project (Wiener, 2006). The managers of Flayton Electronics did not carefully take a key interest in the area that receives constant and careful attention, which is the security of the customers’ data. According to the case study, the critical success factors in Flayton Electronics firm were to ensure that the security of the customer’s data, attract and satisfy new customers, and to create successful relationships with the customers.

There was a data breach in Flayton Electronics firm where there was evidence of purchasing an above-average number of bad cards. This was a critical setback to the firm since they would lose important private information and the customers would not be amazed to hear such information from a firm that they have entrusted with all their savings. This data breach in the firm means that the managers were not keen enough to follow the business’s critical success factors. As stated in the case study, Laurie, who was responsible for security, was not sure of all the information she was supposed to know about the breach. Brett Clayton, the CEO, started researching how theft happens the next morning after realizing that their company was a threat, which he should have been aware of as the company’s CEO.

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