Write a 5 pages paper on youth culture in china.

However, this picture is tremendously changing resulting in the integration with the global community. The rising of the country as an economic power has created room for its citizens to integrate with other people in the world. The youth comprises one of the widely traveled groups because of work and educational purposes. They have gone ahead to embrace the western culture and hence translate the same in the home country. The growing influence of western culture in China, to a great extent, interferes with the way the local Chinese culture has been. For example, the movies that are mainly seen in China by young people are mainly from the United States. As a way of demonstrating the way the state of the country’s young population has been influenced, President Hu Jintao mentioned that western forces were infiltrating their culture (Moran, 2003).

The culture that is being adopted by the youths has boosted consumption of western made products. American theatres are one of the major beneficiaries. not in form of income that is generated but based on product consumption. The youth access the United States drama series, which they pirate, and almost everybody has access to them. Media is very impactful in behavior development, therefore, most of the young people have been diverted by the foreign culture that is demonstrated through the movies. Aspects such as the dressing habits are slightly changing with more of western-culture being expressed. The movies have attracted quite a huge number of young people who are impressed by American films as opposed to those from Korea and Japan.

Western products such as Coke and Mac are the favorites among the&nbsp.youth in China. This has changed the traditional consumption patterns. The concerns of the government have continued to fall on deaf ears.&nbsp.

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