Write a 6 pages paper on understanding child behaviour.

Write a 6 pages paper on understanding child behaviour. Different people have different opinions regarding different behavior exhibited by children. This results in the people in the environment of the child having dilemmas about whether the child’s behavior is generally acceptable (Pacer.org, 2014). The child may display a negative behavior but the views of the family members may not agree on the seriousness of the problem. Many guardians fear the inappropriate labeling of their child as a result of their child’s behavior. As such, they may try to talk to a friend or relative to find out whether they also experience the same problems with their kids. Comparisons are made to establish whether the behaviors are normal. There are three most common causes for concern among parents regarding the behavior of children. These are:

Generally, certain behaviors are normal when displayed by children of a specific age (Antisocial Behaviour and Conduct Disorders in Children and Young People, 2013, p. 19). For example, it is not quite normal for a five-year-old to display behaviors that are usually associated with two-year-olds. In a normal scenario, children of the same age may have different behaviors due to the attainment of emotional milestones at different ages. However, the deviation that may be regarded as extreme from the normal age appropriate behavior is a definite red flag and a cause for concern (Pacer.org, 2014). In such a scenario, support can be offered to the child to try and rectify the negative behavior. This may be in the form of allowing the child to play with kids who may be considered to suit his or her age bracket. This will allow the kids to recognize which behaviors are acceptable for them.

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