Write a 6 pages paper on women and religion.

Write a 6 pages paper on women and religion.

During the era of slavery and colonial regimes of European governance in the early 19the century, slaves were educated and instructed in spiritual language. Living under the hardships and bondage of slavery makes women more attractive to religious teachings. As weak creatures, they find self-comfort and strength in religion because of the promises of liberty God promises they would have if they follow him faithfully.

To the Christians, Ruth is an example for them as a good and faithful wife. A person who treated her mother-in-law respectfully, and the reward she reaped was a lesson worth learning for them. Besides Ruth, Abigail, and other women in the Bible who liberate the women from the bondage of male chauvinism, they promise them who long to be free of this social segregation.

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Intellectual women such as Elizabeth of England and the Empress of Catherine the Great of Russia have long been fighting that women should access education, be recognized, and be urged to find their own identity or find the type of individuals they are.

They seek God with faith and hope to strengthen them that they can be free from the traditional bondage of males’ belief that they are simply their husbands’ property. They want self-respect and are treated equally. They believe that all people were born equally. Like the women of Litchfield, they want respect and not to be underestimated. They want recognition for their talents, and men should not belittle their achievements.

In their work around the developing countries, particularly in the post-conflict areas, Women to Women International has found that religion plays a key role and impacts women, in their daily lives. It has “become increasingly aware of the important role religion plays in shaping women’s perceptions, decisions, and lives.”

In these many countries, “religion is a pervasive influence throughout cultures and societies.To women who live in hardships, faith gives them hope. In conflicts or war-stricken areas, and places where there is economic turmoil, crimes, pestilence, natural disaster, famine, calamities, in homes where families are suffering from diseases or even when there is death among family members, religion promises them peace and better life.


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