Write a 8 pages paper on fashion and identity relation.

Write a 8 pages paper on fashion and identity relation. The essay “Fashion and identity relation” focuses on the identity relation and fashion. Modernism is a movement that rejects traditional style and the way of life and embracing a new form of life which no one truly understands yet as no one has explored it yet. Then the idea of post modernism, which has brought an enormous debate in the fashion world, comes in question. Modernism embraced uniqueness of an individual the autonomous nature of mankind while at the same time shunning tradition. Postmodernism rejected the autonomous individual believing that greatness is in communal power and action. Culture can be defined as the characteristic of a particular group. It could be in terms of language, fashion, cuisine, social habits, music, and many more. Culture can be obtained through individual or group striving. It defines human nature as it is what creates purpose in all the actions of the human being. Because of these there exist cultural difference created by the barriers or if clearly stated the boarders of life. These barriers can be either local or international, but it is what creates the distance and the variation inhuman behaviour across the globe. The current world embraces post modernity whereby everything is changing at a rate almost unrecognisable. The result of this is competition without an end. The competition is in terms of gender, social identity, politics and the like all only to try and fit or find a place of comfort within the society. Fashion gives the perfect solution to this.

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