write an article on Concentrating Sunlight with Fiber Optics AKA Hybrid Solar Lighting. It needs to be at least 3500 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Concentrating Sunlight with Fiber Optics AKA Hybrid Solar Lighting. It needs to be at least 3500 words. Since the price and ease of electrical illumination sources were very high, the awareness of installing the light source anywhere in the building was not implemented. Also, the disadvantages of the system which include the difficulty of control, variability, and excessive illuminance were exposed (Beshears 55).

The sunshine guidance technologies based on extremely efficient optic material have enhanced the direction of sunshine into the interior of the building that normal glazing cannot reach. The daylight interiors have beneficial effects on the well being, and also, energy conservation is permitted by the use of daylight as an alternative source of lighting interior buildings. The optical materials have been used to direct daylight in an efficient way into any part of story buildings.

TDGS is the most significant light technology which has succeeded. TDGS technology has been in use for the last nine or more years in most parts of the world with various applications. Many studies have done in light delivery methods can be used to provide comfortable and economical interior building conditions and TDGS integration with electrical lighting using various technologies.

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Current technologies that combine the delivery of electrical light and sunshine into the same place have been HLS. The technology moves daylight into the interior of the building where it combines with electrical light in the systems that are equipped with various controls to increase the use of available daylight. The only setback of this system is that there has been none or few post-installation studies published, and there is little information on the design methods the performance criteria of the system in use. (Mayhoub and Carter 267)

In this technology of Hybrid Lighting Systems (HLS), daylight is combined with electrical light before delivery. Organizing of optics is more similar to artificial light and hence they may not look different. The author of the table has also included the estimates of system efficiencies for certain story applications. Information on individual components’ efficiency and size are represented in the table.

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