write an article on Ground Water. It needs to be at least 1000 words. Groundwater can lead to the formation of wetlands or oases.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Ground Water. It needs to be at least 1000 words. Groundwater can lead to the formation of wetlands or oases.

There are ways in which ground water can be extracted from the earth’s surface for a score of uses. It can be used for home purposes, industrial usage, in addition to agricultural use for activities like irrigation. This can be possible by the construction of extraction wells that draws water underneath the surface of the earth. Ground water has been distributed differently under the surface of the earth. In addition, underground water undergoes movement under the earth’s ground. Study of ground water motions, plus distribution is known as hydrogeology. It is also called groundwater hydrology. Groundwater can also include soil moisture, immobile water that is found in bedrocks that have very low permeability, and oil formation water that is found very deep in the earth’s surface. Groundwater is thought to act as lubricants that cause movement of faults.

The points under the surface of the earth where groundwater originates are identified as aquifers. An aquifer has layers of porous materials that contain and transmit water. When the aquifer is not confined, water can move freely between the earth’s surface and the saturated zone of an aquifer. Since gravity causes water to move downwards, deeper zones of the aquifer are further saturated as compared to the upper parts. Water table refers to the upper zone of the saturated layer of an unconfined aquifer. Below the water table, all spore spaces are saturated with water. This zone is known as the phreatic zone. There is a substrate that slight porosity and allows little transmission of groundwater. This substrate is called an aquitard. Aquifers have diverse features depending on the geology, and the structure of the substrate as well as the topography in which they happen. Aquifers that contain a high amount of water are situated in sedimentary geologic formations.

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