write an article on Issues in the Field of Engineering. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Issues in the Field of Engineering. It needs to be at least 2000 words. The activities involved in the production of a particular object or product in the economy are based on different engineering theories. Engineers contribute to the development of technology in order to enhance the welfare of the world’s population. In addition, they design different appliances that are essential for facilitating the activities of production in society. The engineering field encompasses various major branches such as mechanical, electrical, civil, and biomedical engineering. The primary branches of engineering are subdivided further to enhance a more specialized approach to engineering. There are various issues in the field of engineering such as sustainability, environmental, ethical, and gender biases. Furthermore, the concepts of engineering focus on enhancing technology and the welfare of the population with minimal considerations to ethics, environment, and equality (Gorp, 2005). The study will use a qualitative approach to examine various issues in the area of engineering in different parts of the world. The research will also focus on the major and sub-branches of engineering in order to acquire a wide perspective of the problems in the engineering field.

The study of the problems in the engineering field is crucial because of several reasons. First, the research provides engineering professionals with adequate information regarding the issues affecting the practice. The outcome of the research will enable engineers in different engineering fields to identify some of the major problems facing their profession. Secondly, the research provides a reliable platform for further research in the field. The proposed research entails various aspects of the issues in the engineering field (Yates, 2007). This research is crucial for engineering scholars because it creates an additional avenue for further research. Scholars might decide to research the effects of specific issues in the engineering practices in order to establish solutions to the problems. On the other hand, prospecting engineering can conduct studies based on the information, which is available in the current research.

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