write an article on Policy about International Covenant the Australian. It needs to be at least 2250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Policy about International Covenant the Australian. It needs to be at least 2250 words. Significant Dates/Events (a) On 2nd April 1954, the Petrov Affair was commenced. This followed from the events that prompted Vladmir Petrov of Russia to deflect from his country and seek asylum in Australia. The Asylum was granted.

(d) On 3rd September 2001, Operation Relax commences. This operation was meant to interdict any and all vessels carrying asylum seekers. The operation was led by The Defense Forces. in a period not exceeding one month, 13 vessels were interdicted.

(e) On 23rd October 2002, the Australian government selected a committee to investigate the Tampa affair, SIEV X, and the Pacific Solution. The committee found out that children had been thrown overboard a foreign ship.

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Is there an agreement? (a) There is an agreement that the policies and laws regarding refugees and asylum seekers in Australia need to be reviewed. These laws need comprehensive reviews in order to reflect the changing humanitarian conditions and laws.

(b) Whereas any given country has the right and freedom to design its own laws and regulations regarding asylum seekers, countries should never be excused for undermining the rights of children and juveniles. whether they are native or refugees.

(c) The laws and regulations regarding refugees and asylum seekers should be reviewed in such a way that it considers the needs and concerns of humans. Though harshness and strictness are supposed to aid the process of reducing potentially harmful individuals, due regard should be given to human life and dignity.

Evaluation Strategy (a) To evaluate the effects of asylum seekers on the security of the people of Australia, it would be necessary to analyze the security situation and provide the link between the security situation and the influx of asylum seekers.

(c) Implementation follows immediately after evaluation.&nbsp.

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