write an article on Roles of Catholic Women in Society Past and Present.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Roles of Catholic Women in Society Past and Present. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The modern-day women in the Catholic Church are being provided with more authoritative tasks as both servants in the church and in the society (Amidon, 2010). Women are viewed more as equals to men in the church. The same perception is embraced in a society where women have more leadership roles. What are the differences in the role of Catholic women in society today and in the past?

The role of ordination in the Catholic Church is an important event in that it creates a person with a closer relationship to the church and with Christ. Over the years, the ordination of men has been embraced as an act signified by Jesus in the selection of 12 apostles (Gary, 2007). However, the ordination of women in the past church was never allowed. This placed women in the society as only servants of the church. Leaders in society in the Catholic faith must be ordained to hold such a position. This role of women was, however, criticized since women were willing to increase their services to the church and society. For this reason, women began to be ordained by the church to serve in society (Allen, 2009).

In an argument by Gary (2007) the modern-day society view of women leadership in the Catholic Church is less prejudiced. The ordination of women has placed gender in leadership roles in the community. For instance, the Catholic Church serves the community with the creation of schools and medical institutions. In most of these institutions, leadership positions are preserved for women. Women in these positions have been ordained by the church. Hanson (2014) points out that the ordination of women in the church today has also increased their number in the ministry role. The author further asserts that across the United States there are over 30,000 lay leaders in which almost 85% of them are women (Hanson, 2014). This role in society increases their abilities to minister in society. This role was not accepted in the past Catholic Church. With these changes, women in the church continue to push for the ordination to deacon hood a process opposed due to the fact the ultimate role of the priesthood in the church is strictly reserved for men.

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