write an article on The Effects of Gender Stereotype on Men.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Effects of Gender Stereotype on Men. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Gender stereotypes have existed for a long time although modern times have seen legislation illegalizing gender-based discrimination, which commonly arises from stereotypes. These stereotypes commonly present adverse effects upon the individuals since they are not always true and remain elements of assumption.

There are numerous effects which different stereotypes have upon the individuals. While women commonly perceive masculinity as being the fundamental advantage which men have over women, this stereotype does not always present such results. Among the women holding these beliefs, masculinity becomes perceived as superiority. Many such individuals will suffer from an inferiority complex because of the belief that men are naturally better than them. These stereotypes become fundamental impediments to progression and have detrimental effects within the workplace. Many individuals commonly hold stereotypes based on their environment in which they reside and the social beliefs held by the people. Stereotypes commonly develop because of the external factors and are transferred across generations like cultural and moral values. The stereotype of men being associated with powerful positions presents both positive and negative effects on men.

Positive effects of stereotypes can be identified as the elements which present individuals with opportunities within their careers, out of the existing stereotypes. Despite many stereotypes being negative, they commonly have positive effects upon the men. The approach with which an individual perceives a stereotype becomes fundamental in determining the effects of the stereotype on the personal life of the individual.

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The stereotype of men being advantaged by the mere element of masculinity presents significant driving motives for many male employees. Since individuals become perceived by society as destined for powerful positions, the existing social pressure from these stereotypes could become the&nbsp.source of inspiration for male employees.

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