write an article on The Patanjalis Ethics. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Patanjalis Ethics. It needs to be at least 1250 words. A step- by- step sequential process that a yogi looks forward to attaining has its significance value that helps to reach a level of absolute absorption that is being aimed at by the yogi. In order to reach the ultimate purpose of the objectives of the eight limbs, the practitioner employs proficiency throughout the processes thereby evading obstructions that may hinder the attainment of the required objectives. The indicated ethics aims at leading a person towards everlasting contentment.

The Yamas provide abstentions that enable an individual to relate to the external world. Patanjali prescribes that the Yamas constitutes the foundation of the yoga practice and thereby individuals should follow the precept in totality and unconditionally. The niyamas provides s succinct observation of one’s lifestyle, which eventually enables a person to relate to him or herself. The pranayama allows individuals to control their breath thereby controlling life force energies, which adversely helps to improve the health and mind sobriety of an individual by making the body calm. The asanas entail the discipline of the body, which focuses on the correct postures that provide physical aid to meditation thereby keeping body free from ailments (Gold, 2011). The notion is augmented by the fact that correct posture facilitates the control of nervous systems and limbs thereby preventing these organs from developing complications. Dharana is a component of the internal aid to yoga that provides increased levels of concentration upon physical objects such as the midpoints of the eyebrows. Pratyahara represents the withdrawal of senses from the influence of their external objects, which thereby helps the individuals to redirect his or her senses to the desired point of focus. Samadhi entails the absorption into the divine thus developing oneness with the object of meditation.

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