Writing assignment on improving the efficiency of the willy wonka’s company by organizational analysis

I need some assistance with these assignment. improving the efficiency of the willy wonka’s company by organizational analysis Thank you in advance for the help! The film, Charlie and the chocolate factory, is an adaptation of a book published in 1964. The story revolves around a poor little kid named Charlie Bucket, who gets an opportunity to tour Willy Wonk’s chocolate factory, famous in the entire world. After nearly a decade, the eccentric and reclusive chocolate maker, Willy Wonka, opens his door for the public. However, he sets a lottery of five golden tickets and five winners were allowed to visit the factory for a day. The tour was to be given by Willy Wonka himself. This was a dream come true situation for young Charlie Bucket (Teaching Ideas, 2014).

Culture plays an important role in shaping an organization. Culture can be described as behaviors and values which contribute to the unique psychological and social environment of a firm. It consists of a firm’s experiences, expectations, values as well as philosophies, holding the organization together and expressing their inner working and self-image. Now coming to the film, organizational culture can be understood by the relationship shared between Willy Wonka and his employees, the Oompa-Loompas. These were short humans, different from normal-sized ones and had very particular working and communication styles. Nonetheless, Willy Wonka always appreciated them and gave them full liberty, in terms of conducting their work. making decisions, in terms of process and manufacturing. as well as taking consultation from these Oompa-Loompas, which has been shown in the plot. The overall flow of information and power was very streamlined and controlled as the Oompa employees were very disciplined, hierarchical and strict followers of rules. Another factor, which helped in increasing the overall efficiency of the organization, was the inter-cultural relationship shared between the Pygmies and Mr. Willy Wonka, which was found to be very cordial and pleasant. In an organization with diverse cultural backgrounds, it is critical to accept as well as respect the customers, values and racial differences.

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