writing homework on The Best Way to Help Victims of Disaster and Disease.

Need help with my writing homework on The Best Way to Help Victims of Disaster and Disease. Write a 1250 word paper answering; &nbsp.The main aspect of aid programs that the article focuses on is the beneficiaries’ views. The author explores the importance of considering the views of beneficiaries in the monitoring of aid programs. Using the features, outcomes and analysis of a specific program called “Ground Truth” as a case, the article discusses how to decide the effectiveness of aid programs. The author claims that the process of gathering information from the people affected is not enough. The author supports the idea that feedback from beneficiaries needs to be collected. She emphasizes developing a culture within aid organizations to improve the aid programs based on the input from the beneficiaries. However, I consider that the best way to provide aid to the victims could be to use all the money to help as spending the money on surveys or data collection will only be an unnecessary waste of money.&nbsp. The technological tools she recommends in her article may not be the most effective, considering the people’s economic and social conditions in the affected areas. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.The target audience for the article would-be researchers, aid-organizations, Non-governmental organizations, and governments. It also appeals to anyone involved in aid operations. As the article cites authentic sources of information such as that of several NGO’s and the World Bank, example, and statistical data, researchers will take advantage of this article to support their ideas and findings in their research. . Also governments might consider supporting the idea of using technology for collecting surveys information if they find it helpful. Moreover, organizations would start collecting surveys using technological tools as this article introduces them to some of the tools used by NGOs involved in monitoring aid programs. . The article not only presents figures and data to explain aid program monitoring but also employs certain rhetorical techniques to present its ideas to the target audience.

&nbsp. The author relies on pathos, logic, and ethos in his article. She uses pathos in her article to get the audiences’ attention when she says. One example is: “Your heart goes out to them”. These words touch the feelings and the emotions to help the victims. For example, when people see a human being suffering, they would do their best to help this person out, so that’s why she uses this rhetorical strategy at the beginning of her article to draw the attention of her readers to the issue on hand.

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