Writing paper on cannabis sativa

I need some assistance with these assignment. cannabis sativa Thank you in advance for the help! The cannabis plant has several species such as cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica, where its leaves and flowers are dried commonly referred to as grass, marijuana, spliff, and weed among others. Skunk is another species of Cannabis, which is the strongest and widely use because of its active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Various authors ignore the important use of cannabis Sativa as a cure. In addition, the solutions for the illegal sale of cannabis Sativa, the need for further research, the harmful effects of alcohol through making a comparison with alcohol have been ignored by various authors (Hall & Solowij 1611). The paper explores various authors’ discussion in the context of different articles relating to cannabis sativa in order to explore various issues that were ignored by the different authors.

The articles ignored the fact that cannabis Sativa can be beneficial in terms of medicinal purposes has been ignored by the various author in the articles. Hall and Solowij (1611) “cannabis produce euphoria and relaxation, time distortion” claim on the ways through which the cannabis is being abused by the youth and the need to curb the escalating statistics in relation to the use of cannabis Sativa for various other reasons such as recreation. Hence the author ignored the use of cannabis sativa for medicinal purposes and concentrated on the other reasons for use of cannabis Sativa. “When used in a social setting it may produce infectious laughter and talkativeness”. (Hall and Solowij 1611-1621). This sentiment for the use of cannabis for various reasons was also supported by other authors. According to Fischer et. al. (324), different people use marijuana for a varied reason such as for recreational purposes, medical aspects as it is associated with submerging pain especially among cancer patients and suppress effects of mental illness. Thus, an ignored aspect involves the fact that cannabis can be used purely for medicinal purposes. The articles concentrated more on the adverse health effects of the use of cannabis sativa and ignore the health benefits of the use of cannabis sativa. The articles, therefore, concentrated on the adverse effects both physical and mental effects of cannabis sativa to the users.

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