Psychological theories of personality

You have probably noticed so far in your reading that many personality theorists seem to have developed theories which parallel their own lives. Is this intentional? Did these theorists intentionally construct theories that parallel their lives or did the theories simply develop over time and other observations? Who knows? Regardless, the skills of self-reflection and self-awareness are fundamental to understanding not only psychological theories of personality, but the world around us and our interactions with others. This assignment will allow for some of that self-reflection.

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Your Assignment: Write a 4 page paper reflecting on your development into “the person you are today” through the lens of Neo-Analytic, Biological, and Behaviorist/Learning Theory. Excellent papers will fully meet the criteria below:

  • Reflect on core principles of each of the assigned theories identifying key vocabulary and attaching specific examples to illustrate the development of your personality through that lens of development.
  • Compare and contrast aspects of your personality (e.g. Extraversion, Inferiority Complex) based on how each of the three theories would explain the personality characteristic. Also, identify the pros and cons of the analysis, as well as, your perspective on which explanations seems the most credible.
  • Identify how each theory might explain how or why personality characteristics do or do not change over one’s lifetime. Also provide personal examples of elements of personality that have remained consistent, as well as examples of characteristics that have changed over the years.
  • Cite specific sources, research, and concepts from the textbook readings of Week Two and Week Three.
  • Contain a well-developed introduction, body, and conclusion as the structure of the paper.
  • Are grammatically and mechanically sound, as well as free of spelling errors in APA style

Given the very personal nature of this assignment, please disclose only to the level of your comfort. Specific thoughts or examples you use regarding your development will not be graded. Rather you will be graded on how well you tie those thoughts and examples to course content.