Order Placing and Registration

  • The order is placed by completing the Order form provided in the Application. No Service is provided by other means than by request.
  • The Order form will specify the scope of the work, Order parameters, and delivery terms. Your personal responsibility is to provide exact, full, and final information to each standard Order form section when filling in the Our Order form.
  • You will be requested to register by providing Your email and password or sign in via Facebook or Gmail account. Should any difficulties arise during the process of account creation, please contact our Support. In addition, should any of your contact details change over time, it is your sole responsibility to update your profile accordingly or inform Support of such changes.
  • Should multiple accounts be discovered, we will merge them with your initial account created during Your first purchase.

Order Payment and Discounts

  • When placing an Order, you agree to buy the service from the Company. The Company starts to process your order only after the payment for the service is made and is authorized.
  • In some cases, the Company may ask the Client to send a photo of the Client’s credit card used to conduct the Company’s payment. The cardholder’s name and the last four numbers on this card should be visible.
  • The payment for the service is calculated according to the Company’s Pricing and is paid in advance, as stated in the Order form, once the scope of work is identified. The Company is not held responsible for Service delivery until the payment has been made in full and has been authorized.
  • Credits can pay orders on Your Personal Balance.
  • The Company reserves the right to offer discount and bonus programs to Customers at its own discretion using discount code(s) the Customer can use when filling out the Order form. If the code is not provided in the corresponding section of the Order form, the discount will not be given out by the Company for that particular order.
  • The Company commits to provide equal access to discount and bonus program information for each Customer in the Company with no exceptions.
  • Upon Your Order evaluation, the Company may request additional payment or additional time to work on Your Order since the impact of the work done to fulfill Your order can only be defined after a manual review is performed. The Customer may decide at their own will to either agree to new Order parameters and Order Total or refuse to cooperate with the Company. If the Client wishes to stop working with us – a refund will be processed according to the Money Back Guarantee Policy.

Your Personal Balance

  • When placing Orders and buying Products from the Company, You can use only Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, or PayPal to recharge your Personal Balance. Should the case of partial or full payment reimbursement occur, You have the option to either proceed according to the Money Back Guarantee Policy or to transfer funds to Credits in Your Personal Account.
  • 1 credit equals 1 US Dollar and is stored in Your Personal Account with no limit or expiration date. The number of Credits you store may be used to proceed with payment for your future Orders with the Company.
  • Your funds are transferred to Credits at Your own will and ONLY with Your approval. After the transfer of funds to Credits is complete – the amount You store in Credits is Non-Refundable and may be used to pay for your future orders ONLY.
  • As a part of our loyalty program activities, the Company may provide You with a certain amount of Credits to further cover payments for Your Future Orders.

Order Process

  • Order validation: The Company reserves the right to re-check the Order details following the final payment to confirm whether the assignment’s requirements were met successfully as indicated by the Customer. Should a mismatch occur, Support reserves the right to modify the order to ensure that the Customer’s requirements have adhered to?
  • Order volume: Each order placed by the Customer has a required volume, measured by the number of words. Upon the Service delivery, the document received has to match the expected number of words metric (the document may have fewer pages than requested, but should have an exact number of words according to the «275 words per page double spaced or 550 words per page single-spaced» rule). Should there be a page/number of words mismatch, the Client may request to reformat the product to match the number of words/pages according to the «275 words per page double spaced or 550 words per page single-spaced» rule.
  • Changes in order details: Customer and Support may provide changes to the scope of work only if the writer has not started the work yet. No changes can be made once the Writer has started researching and working on the order. Should the order details increase in volume, order complexity, or narrow the completion terms, the Customer will be asked to provide additional compensation for the additional instructions.
  • Resources: Should the Customer require specific resource material to be utilized in the production process, they must specify those resources and provide them to the Writer. If the specified resources are not provided, and the Writer is responsible for locating and paying for them, additional charges shall be incurred and paid before delivery can be made. In general, the following deadlines for orders are in place:
    For orders due within 12-24 hours, resources must be supplied within 30 minutes of the order placement;
    For orders due within 24-72 hours, there is a 1-hour deadline;
    For orders with a 72+ hour deadline, resources must be received a day in advance.
  • If the Customer did not provide materials within the deadline for providing said resources, extra payment and time for completing the order would be required.
  • Communication: The Customer is highly encouraged to communicate with the Writer using the Messaging System or by contacting the Support team directly when seeking more information.
  • Progress Tracking: The Customer may track the progress of their order by using their personal account, where information about their order and its status is displayed. The Customer may also contact Support by using all communication means available 24/7 to get updates on the Order status.
  • Preferred Writer Option: The Customer may select the ideal Writer to work on the order by indicating their ID number in the Preferred Writer ID field on the order form. The Customer acknowledges that there is no 100% guarantee that the specific Writer is available to work on the order. Should such an instance occur, the Company reserves the right to assign the best available specialist in the Subject Area of the Order. The cost of the Preferred Writer feature will be funded back to the Customer to their Credit Balance.

Order Delivery

  • The Company is held responsible for delivering the service and meeting the deadline indicated in the order.
  • The Customer’s personal responsibility is to ensure the availability of delivery channels once the Company has provided the service to the Client. The Company will not be held responsible for an incorrect email address indicated by the Customer in the profile, spam filters, internet outages, and general customer negligence to provide communication channels and other contact means beyond the Company’s control. The Customer is encouraged to contact Support for any assistance with an Order’s Delivery.
  • The Customer is held responsible for downloading the service promptly after the Company has provided the service.
  • All orders are delivered through our in-app service through the Completed Orders tab. Once the Company has delivered orders, clients will receive a notification in their mailbox. Email notifications will also be sent to registered email addresses with a link to the download page.
  • Seven days after the deadline, the funds will be released automatically, which is part of our Writer’s protection. Please review each order carefully. Once the Writer receives the entire agreed-upon sum, it is deemed that the work done is complete, and no refund will be made.

Order Revision

  • Free amendments are provided to the Customer by the Company to ensure the quality of the product provided and to ensure total customer satisfaction with the product. To receive a free revision of the product, the Customer has to submit a revision request in written form using the Messaging System or Company’s email no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after the Order delivery date and no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the Order delivery date for any dissertation, thesis, research proposal, thesis proposal, dissertation chapters writing or any other reasonably large assignments. Should the revision deadline be missed, the Customer may have their order revised for additional payment or place an order for editing. In some cases, the Quality Assurance Department can submit free order revision after the revision deadline.
  • The Quality Assurance Department reserves the right to decline a revision request if the revision instructions violate initial Order instructions. In such cases, the Customer may be requested to pay additionally for the requested changes or place an order for editing.
  • The Quality Assurance Department reserves the right to decline or limit multiple revision requests if the Customer’s behavior demonstrates the writer’s obvious exploitation and other unreasonable requests.
  • If the request meets all defined requirements underlined in these Terms and Conditions, our Company will revise the delivered service free of charge.

The Use of Products

  • When making a payment for an Order, you agree it is for personal and non-commercial use only, and the payment you make is a reflection of the time and effort put into conducting relevant research and writing about your order, as well as all the necessary maintenance and administration for Service delivery.
  • You are not to reproduce, modify, distribute, or display the service in any way on the World Wide Web or in the form of a hard copy over a reasonable limit necessary for personal use.
  • Writers who work on behalf of our Company hand over the ownership of all delivered Products to the Company, which retains full copyright privileges of the Products We provide.
  • All Products are provided solely as an example of research, reference for learning purposes, or a sample on performing academic writing. All Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright remain with the Company.