Write a 5 pages paper on pearl bucks the good earth.

Write a 5 pages paper on pearl bucks the good earth. The story revolves around Wang, portrayed as a multifaceted man who enjoys an excellent relationship with his family members, that is his father, wife and children. He has also established good connections and affiliations with the villagers. Buck brings out Wang as a man so determined to achieve in life, who puts more value on land, and just like any peasant, it is what he is worth. The setting of the story is in ancient Chinese times where Buck vividly captures the injustices peasants had to go through in their endeavor, to make ends meet.

Traditionally, a man used to marry or get a wife so that she could bear children and cook for him. This is evident in the story as the narrative starts with Wang, a young man in search of a woman to fulfil those traditional requirements. Set in the era when slavery was still popular, Wang meets O-lan, a slave from a wealthy household whom he could then marry. They led a traditional life in line with traditional ways enjoying their marriage, although each had their reason for being in that union. Wang is grateful just as any other man would be, in that he sees a potential fill-in O-lan. A woman who can raise a family with him, and fulfill the domestic needs of the family. Traditionally, society did not regard women highly. So is the case with Wang, who considers his wife as a slave who is supposed to meet his demands without any question. Women were meant to be submissive, and it was the trend all over. O-lan is not different as she portrays the character an obedient traditional woman, and considers her husband to be kind. The kind of life she leads is at least better compared to when she was a slave and that is the reason she contends with what she is getting. O-lan gives birth to five children in Wang’s name, and they work very hard on their farm.

Write an article on Codes of Cultural Behavior.

I will pay for the following article Codes of Cultural Behavior. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. I have chosen Tanzania because I once read the Bibliography of Tanzanian first president, Mwalim Julius Nyerere, and I really loved his socialistic ideals. This has made me to develop a lot of interest in Tanzania and I have always hoped to visit Tanzania one day in my lifetime. This is the main reason why I have chosen to research and to write on the Tanzanian codes of cultural behaviour.

Tanzania is made up of two states, i.e. Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Tanganyika became independent in 1961, while Zanzibar became independent in 1963. In 1964, Tanganyika and Tanzania signed an act of union to form the United Republic of Tanzania (Culture of Tanzania- history, people, clothing, traditions and religion).

On religion, the two predominant religions in Tanzania are Christianity and the Muslim. Muslim religion is predominant in Zanzibar, while Christianity is predominant in the mainland Tanzania. Besides the Christianity and the Muslim religions, there are also traditional religions in Tanzania, although, currently there number is insignificant. In Tanzania there are also other religions like the Buddhist and the Hinduism, although they account for a very small percentage of the population.

Linguistically, the national language of Tanzania is Swahili. But there are two official languages in Tanzania, i.e. Swahili and English languages. But besides the two official languages, there are 120 ethnic languages in Tanzania, corresponding to the 120 ethnic groups in Tanzania. But Swahili is spoken by everybody in Tanzania, and some of the ethnic languages in Tanzania are at the brink of extinction as people switch to the Swahili language (Culture of Tanzania- history, people, clothing, traditions and religion).

On ethnic composition, Tanzania has 120 ethnic groups, as we have just seen. This in essence means that there are 120 sub-cultures in Tanzania. There is, however, a distinct national Tanzanian culture that every Tanzanian identifies with. The national Tanzanian culture, however, is a derivative of the sub-cultures of Tanzania.

During each summer, John and Jessica grow vegetables in their backyard and buy seeds and fertilizer from a local nursery.

  • Write the code for each lab assignment.
  • Submit the lab in a single zip file in the online course shell. The lab must contain all .cpp files, along with any additional files that may be necessary for your project to run (ex: text files).
  • Enter any and all written answers into the online course shell along with the submission of the attached lab assignment.

Please submit each lab assignment with only two files for grading.

.cpp file of your C++ program design (source code)

.docx file of its program’s successful execution output in Word format.


Each lab assignment will be graded based on the following:

1. The program must compile, execute, produce correct results, and meet all of the specifications in the weekly lab.

Additionally you must:

2. Organize the code for user readability.

3. Organize the code for reusability.

4. Provide documentation with embedded comments for reader understanding.

5. Organize the code for efficiency.


Homework 1: 


During each summer, John and Jessica grow vegetables in their backyard and buy seeds and fertilizer from a local nursery. The nursery carries different types of vegetable fertilizers in various bag sizes. When buying a particular fertilizer, they want to know the price of the fertilizer per pound and the cost of fertilizing per square foot. The following program prompts the user to enter the size of the fertilizer bag, in pounds, the cost of the bag, and the area, in square feet, that can be covered by the bag. The program should output the desired result. However, the program contains logic errors.


Find and correct the logic errors so that the program works properly.


//Logic errors.

#include <iostream>

#include <iomanip>

using namespace std;

int main()


double cost;

double area;


double bagSize;

cout << fixed << showpoint << setprecision(2);

cout << “Enter the amount of fertilizer, in pounds, ”

<< “in one bag: “;

cin >> bagSize;

cout << endl;


cout << “Enter the cost of the ” << bagSize

<< ” pound fertilizer bag: “;

cin >> cost;

cout << endl;


cout << “Enter the area, in square feet, that can be “

<< “fertilized by ne bag: “;

cin >> area;

cout << endl;


cout << “The cost of the fertilizer per pound is: $”

<< bagSize / cost << endl;

cout << “The cost of fertilizing per square foot is: $”

<< area / cost << endl;


Return 0;




Homework 2:


Linda is starting a new cosmetic and clothing business and would like to make a net profit of approximately 10% after paying all the expenses, which include merchandise cost, store rent, employees’ salary, and electricity cost for the store. She would like to know how much the merchandise should be marked up so that after paying all the expenses at the end of the year she gets approximately 10% net profit on the merchandise cost. Note that after marking up the price of an item she would like to put the item on 15% sale. Write a program that prompts Linda to enter the total cost of the merchandise, the salary of the employees (including her own salary), the yearly rent, and the estimated electricity cost. The program then outputs how much the merchandise should be marked up so that Linda gets the desired profit.


Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Particle as It Travels through the Water Cycles. The heat from the sun warms the water droplet present on the surface of the ocean, evaporates it, and turns it into water vapor.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Particle as It Travels through the Water Cycles. The heat from the sun warms the water droplet present on the surface of the ocean, evaporates it, and turns it into water vapor. It rises up into the air and continues to rise until strong wind grabs the water vapor and takes it hundreds of miles away from the ground. The warm wind rising from the surface of the earth takes the water droplet higher, where the temperature of the wind is much cooler(Natural Water Cycle).

When the temperature of the water vapor decreases it changes back into the water droplet. This process is called condensation. If the wind is cold enough the water vapor turns into ice crystal, like the one that forms the cirrus cloud. The water vapor then condenses on the particles of smoke, salt crystal, or dust, in order to become part of the cloud. Later the droplet combines with the other droplet and forms a much bigger droplet which may fall on the earth as precipitation. The gravitational force helps to pull this comparatively large water droplet towards the surface. Once the water droplet starts falling on the surface there are many places where it may fall. It may fall on the leaf of the tree from where it may be headed towards the cloud for being a part of the water cycle again. The natural water cycle is considered to be important for life on earth and is taking place for billions of years. It is a fact that the water we consume today has also been used by dinosaurs millions of years ago but yet it has been cleaned many times since then(The Water Cycle).

If the water droplet misses the leaf, there are still a number of places where it may land. For example, the water droplet may also land on the patch of dry dirt present in a flat field. If the water droplet lands on a field then it may sink in the ground and then start its journey as groundwater. The drop then continues to move as groundwater. however, its journey ends when it finds its way out of the ground.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on renewable fuel standard program.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on renewable fuel standard program. Needs to be plagiarism free! The evaporation of fuel itself and the by-products that are released due to burning through the exhaust are major air pollutants. Unfortunately, inside an automobile engine, fuel undergoes incomplete combustion and as a result, unburned hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and compounds of sulphur are released, which are extremely dangerous to mankind.

Unburned hydrocarbons are highly toxic and they contribute to the formation of ozone at the ground level which causes coughing, choking, irritation in the respiratory system and reduced lung capacity. The nitrogen in the fuel burns at high temperature and pressure in the presence of oxygen from air and turns into various oxides of nitrogen which are very strong irritants for lungs and also weaken the immune system against respiratory infections. Carbon monoxide blocks the transport of oxygen to the brain, heart and other vital organs of the body. It has a strong affinity for hemoglobin found in the blood and readily reacts with it, thus preventing the oxygen to bind with hemoglobin (Rao, 1989).

Carbon dioxide which is a natural component of the earth’s ecosystem and although it is an end product of complete combustion, it is being regarded as an air pollutant. Its accumulation causes the greenhouse effect, ultimately causing global warming. Some fuels like diesel contain sulphur compounds which produce sulphur dioxide gas during combustion. It is a strong lung irritant and also is a major contributor to the acid rain formation and falls down on earth in the form of sulphuric acid which greatly damages animals and crops and causes skin diseases (Automobile Emissions: An Overview, 2011)

To prevent all such disasters to happen, many organizations are participating in developing awareness and making standards that are environmentally friendly. Among them is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who is constantly trying to make such standards and regulations which can lessen the effects of automobiles exhaust on human health and on the environment. It tries to purpose such laws which are applicable in real terms, not causing any&nbsp.problem or applying any severe restriction on the population and at the same time are environment-friendly.&nbsp.

Write an article on the actual concepts portrayed by shakespeare

I need some assistance with these assignment. the actual concepts portrayed by shakespeare Thank you in advance for the help! The main theme of the play was love. Love is portrayed in very many angles. The suffering and jubilations of the characters are caused by love. The varied manner in which love is portrayed makes the play suitable. There are elements of same-sex relationships. The love Celia portrays towards Rosalinda is more than friendship and indicates the diverse nature of love in the play. There is also an element of love at first sight. Orlando and Rosalinda represent the element of love at first sight. The two represent secrets within relationships in that Rosalinda is involved in a girl-girl relation without Orlando’s knowledge. The plays represent the hidden sides of love while at the same time acknowledge the love that exists within family members. The actors perform perfectly to represent the main theme of the play. The actors represent the downs and lows of love. The actors, however, fail to utilize emotions and gestures in their representation.

Emotions and gestures are important while representing the mood of the play. The court mood is mixed as Fernando is ejected from the court. the actors ought to have utilized gestures and facial expressions to represent the sad mood. The actors, however, use tonal variation to represent sad and happy moods. This may fail to represent their intended purpose. The audience may fail to identify the mood of the play. The uses of words are insufficient in representing a wider spectrum as far as the play’s mood is concern. Different actors fail to shore these qualities while playing their roles. However, the female actors tend to utilize both tonal variation and facial expressions to represent excitement and sad moods. Higher tones would mean anger and excitement, while low tone needs to represent sadness and disappointment. The diverse nature of the actors needs to be used to represent the intended purpose of the author.

The male actors performed averagely while representing&nbsp.Fernando and Orlando.

write an article on Independent Research Skills for First-Year Undergraduates. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Independent Research Skills for First-Year Undergraduates. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Stepping on new grounds with a unique set of expectations likewise amounts to a sense of alienation for a college freshman who’d rather feel some degree of inadequacy with the secondary foundation prior. As a consequence, the first year of undergraduate studies may be approached in a number of ways depending on each student’s manner of coping with the transition period having this secondary background as one of its major determinants. Since the university, in its chief objective to equip tertiary learners with instructions and tools to assist endeavors necessary for future goals in shaping targeted career profession or chosen field of specialization after college, its libraries necessarily house a magnitude of assorted source items from books to technical publications to help students identify the choicest possibility of conveying knowledge and skills (Northedge, 2005). With all such undertakings, the necessity for extensive research at any rate to accompany a study and an independent capability employed to it are inevitable. To a certain extent, it would demand an investment of specific research skills from every student as obliged or called for by a range of courses especially the major ones.

creating a thesis and an outline on Healthcare marketing the five Ps of healthcare marketing. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Topic: HEALTHCARE MARKETING “THE FIVE PS OF HEALTHCARE MARKETING” Lecturer: Healthcare marketing” the five ps of healthcare marketing”

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Healthcare marketing the five Ps of healthcare marketing. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Topic: HEALTHCARE MARKETING “THE FIVE PS OF HEALTHCARE MARKETING” Lecturer: Healthcare marketing” the five ps of healthcare marketing”

From the detailed report produced by Rachel, it is possible to identify areas of weaknesses, strengght, opportunities and threat for CMC. In terms of strength, the fact that there is improved relationship with physicians even though the number of physicians is below expectation can be mentioned. There is however a weakness with higher operating cost which has still not been reduced to 20% from 10%. The opportunity available is that CMC is located at the heart of Fresno but there is a looming threat with the growing population which could bring more pressure to the facility than can be handled.

Reading through the case, the most important strategic issue that CMC can be associated with is how to competitively win insurance holders from all walks of economic background to using its services. As it is now, the whole area of Fresno is noted to hardly embrace managed care and so there should be a strategy to making customers embrace this.

With the strategic issue noted, it is expected that there would have been a strategic marketing plan that was designed to directly address the issue. This is because strategic marketing plans are useful only when they come to solve identified marketing problems (Good, 2008). specifically, the marketing plan should have made use of the focus strategic option to identify specific demographics whose managed care needs will be addressed directly.

With the proposed strategic marketing plan and the outcome of the report, some of the foremost issues that should have gone ahead of positioning and promotion of CMC should have been the need for research and development (R&D) to understand the market, and also market feasibility to know the right marketing mix that works for this market.

Elements of valid marketing plan that can be used include product or service, promotion, price, people, and purpose. These would help CMC to better position itself in a way that directly addresses the most salient needs it is faced with on the market.


Good M. A. (2008). Middle-range theory of acute pain management: use in research. Nursing Outlook. 46(3):120-124.


research paper on creation and science (christianity). Needs to be 1 page.

Need an research paper on creation and science (christianity). Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Religion and science For many centuries, science and religion have been in dispute over the origin of our universe and life on our planet. Both sides have conflicting arguments to the account with each having evidence for its account. Religion suggests that the universe was created by a supreme being, God, who created all forms of life in the universe (Cory and David, 12-24) especially our planet earth (Birge 5-12). Science, on the other hand, advocates that our existence on earth is primarily due to a series of evolution in the form with each generation being more complex and advanced than the previous (Birge 63-81). This evolution theory by Charles Darwin has gained popularity among scholars over the years. Other theories proposed by science over the origin and existence of the universe include the big bang theory and the passing star theory.

Creationism faces a lot of opposition socially and politically. Majority of the schools hardly include it in their learning. Evolutionism has a lot of favor, and it is being taught in schools. This is what made the proposed theory of intelligent design face a lot of criticism. The intelligent design theory argues that the universe and its inhabitants are too complex in structure and design to exist as a mere product of evolution (Davis et al 36-61). It proposes that the universe and creatures in it is an intelligent product of an intelligent designer.

Both science and religion hold strong views on the existence of life and the universe. It is, however, possible for the conflict between the two to end as concepts and theories of science and religion can be compatible. Scholars do not necessarily need to choose one over the other, but rather appreciate both views as each one complements and enriches the other in a number of ways.

Work cited

Birge, Mary K.&nbsp.Genesis, Evolution, and the Search for a Reasoned Faith. Winona, MN: Anselm Academic, 2011. Print.

Cory, Catherine A, and David T. Landry.&nbsp.The Christian Theological Tradition. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall, 2000. Print.

Davis, P W, Dean H. Kenyon, and Charles B. Thaxton.&nbsp.Of Pandas and People: The Central Question of Biological Origins. Dallas, TX: Haughton Pub. Co, 1993. Print.

Judgment Day: Intelligent Design On Trial (creationism vs evolution). Dir.&nbsp.Gary, Johnstone and Joseph, McMaster. 2007 retrieved from: http://www.youtube.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Intro to Mngt. What is management? What is the difference between Business and Management?

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Intro to Mngt. What is management? What is the difference between Business and Management? Management is the process of organizing things to the demanded pattern. The lexical meaning is to manage something that is undertaken. Under this process certain prerequisites are being followed which enable reaching the target set. These pre- requisites come in form of processes, roles definition and objectives declaration such as paths that must be followed and those that must be avoided. Management is another name for synchronizing and uniform approach towards an endeavor at hand.

Business and management are often confused and connoted in a similar context however, on technical ground they vary. Management is a generic term which can be applied to anything undertaken. It could be management of any kind of task. While business pertains to larger entity and usually involves more resources consumption, more manpower utilization and ultimately broader scope. Management usually requires more clerical and on the paper activity while business may be conducted in aloofness from the on the paper procedures and documentation. Business can be that of commercial level and outdoor activities. Management at the same can be applied to businesses while the term is non exclusive one towards management. In other words, each has their own domain yet management being implementable to business, while the latter may not be implementable to the former.

Describe the three branches of the Classical Approach to Management. In your opinion which is the most useful and why?

Classical Approach of Management came to fore at a time when the industrial development rose up and the need was felt for making use of the industrial environment in a better way. As a result different modes of classical approach were introduced which are vis a vis:

Scientific Management Theory

Bureaucratic Management Theory

Administrative Management Theory

Each has given flexible options in their own way and have improved the manner in which businesses were being conducted in past. The proponent of this theory was F.W. Taylor (Raju & Parthasarathy 2004). While scientific management approach is reliant on the technical knowledge and based on that knowledge the execution according to the desired manner. In a collective way, these three models have paved way for the current state of managerial development and the fruit being extracted from it in form of high productivity and satisfaction of all the stakeholders.

Bureaucratic management model was more focused on public administration and the working and governance of the controlling lines such as political and line management. its traces can be stretched back to 18th century and the pioneer behind this idea was Max Weber.

Out of these three, administrative management provides more options, for the mere reason that it takes into account a more holistic approach. The incumbent mode allows highlighting all those areas which may lead to slag and low throughput. Administrative model is not just limited to the processes. rather, it allows focusing and targeting the workers performance which is a multi core process. While on one end, the employees are provided a better working environment, on other hand, these employees work out of more devotion and a as final yield more throughput, customer satisfaction.

Hence Administrative model enjoys an edge over the other two modes which are relatively restrictive in their outward expression and execution (Ogilvie 2005).


Raju, RS & Parthasarathy, R 2004, Management: Text and Cases, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Ogilvie, JR 2005, Clep Principles of Management: The Best Test Prep for, Research & Education Assoc.