Write a 5 pages paper on pearl bucks the good earth.

Write a 5 pages paper on pearl bucks the good earth. The story revolves around Wang, portrayed as a multifaceted man who enjoys an excellent relationship with his family members, that is his father, wife and children. He has also established good connections and affiliations with the villagers. Buck brings out Wang as a man so determined to achieve in life, who puts more value on land, and just like any peasant, it is what he is worth. The setting of the story is in ancient Chinese times where Buck vividly captures the injustices peasants had to go through in their endeavor, to make ends meet.

Traditionally, a man used to marry or get a wife so that she could bear children and cook for him. This is evident in the story as the narrative starts with Wang, a young man in search of a woman to fulfil those traditional requirements. Set in the era when slavery was still popular, Wang meets O-lan, a slave from a wealthy household whom he could then marry. They led a traditional life in line with traditional ways enjoying their marriage, although each had their reason for being in that union. Wang is grateful just as any other man would be, in that he sees a potential fill-in O-lan. A woman who can raise a family with him, and fulfill the domestic needs of the family. Traditionally, society did not regard women highly. So is the case with Wang, who considers his wife as a slave who is supposed to meet his demands without any question. Women were meant to be submissive, and it was the trend all over. O-lan is not different as she portrays the character an obedient traditional woman, and considers her husband to be kind. The kind of life she leads is at least better compared to when she was a slave and that is the reason she contends with what she is getting. O-lan gives birth to five children in Wang’s name, and they work very hard on their farm.

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