Strategic trade-offs | genius home works

The text discusses strategic trade-offs that are different between Walmart and Nordstrom even though they are in the same industry. Think of another industry that you know fairly well and select two firms there that also have made very different choices for these trade-offs. Describe some of the differences between these firms. What type of trade-off decisions have these firms made?
The chapter discusses several strategic leadership issues at Facebook. Several other firms are also noted in the chapter with some positive and some negative leadership results. Choose a firm mentioned in the chapter and discuss current controversial issues it faces. How should strategic leaders address the major issues you identified? In what situations is top-down planning likely to be superior to bottom-up emergent strategy development?

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The role of IT governance and leadership

The relationship between IT and other areas of the organization is critical for many aspects of IT within organizations. Discuss the role of IT governance and leadership in understanding how organizations see the value of IT.
What is IT governance? Discuss different approaches to IT governance.
How can different types of IT leadership impact the role of IT within an organization?
Provide specific examples where applicable. Use the readings (and, if you wish, other relevant references) to support your answer. Please provide citations.

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Decision making by managers | genius home works

Do you believe that managers should be given more autonomy to make personnel decisions such as hiring, appraising, and compensating subordinates, or do you believe that managers should be given less autonomy to make such decisions? Explain and substantiate your reasoning.

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News Reports (NR). | genius home works

News Reports are individual assignments. In each report you will search for a news report relating to International Business Strategy. For every News Report, you will write a one-page summary of the news

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Analyzing your own level of motivation

This week’s discussion post will involve analyzing your own level of motivation in a current or past work situation.

  1. Describe the situation.
  2. Present the key components and assumptions of Expectancy Theory and at least two other relevant theories (drawn from Chapter 7 and the Porter et al article).
  3. Apply these theories to the motivational system that is/was in place during the situation you identified. How did you observe each of these theories in practice (effectively or ineffectively)? How did it impact your level of motivation? Is this consistent with what the theories would predict?

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Discrimination | genius home works

In a world that is quick to state discrimination has taken place, there is a new discrimination emerging (i.e., reverse discrimination). Is this form of discrimination really discrimination? What diversity practices would you put in place to prevent any kind of discrimination?

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Employees with healthy dependents | genius home works

Why would employers want to fire employees whose dependents are having serious health problems? What do you think would be the reaction of employees with healthy dependents who suspect this might be happening? Explain.

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Conflicts at work | genius home works




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Providing good quality and our interactions with customers

All entrepreneurs have the ability to do good with their organizations and bring honor and glory to the Lord. A Christian entrepreneur should see opportunities where they can do good with the organization they have designed and use it for good.
Doing all of this in a joyful and winsome way brings honor to the Lord (Hebrews 13:15-17). We are also called to be salt and light no matter what we are doing as believers. Therefore, when we run our organizations, we are to run them in a way that glorifies the Lord. We should be salt and light in all of our business interactions and how we operate our business (Matthew 5:13-16). How does doing good with your
organization and being salt and light tie into our discussion related to providing quality service during those moments of truth with our clients? What can the verses in Hebrews, Matthew, or any other verses you can find teach us about providing good quality and our interactions with customers?