1. How information technology affects the patient

  1. How information technology affects the patient

for the healthcare professional to be an effective patient advocate, he or she must understand how information technology affects the patient and the subsequent delivery of care. Continue to reflect upon what does this statement means to you and your responsibilities as a future APN. Provide a brief response (120 words or less)

1. Affordable housing in New York

Title: 1 Affordable housing in New York

My chosen NY State is Michelle Hinchey who is the NYS senate and she represents NY Senate District 46.

My chosen NY State Assembly Representative is Jennifer Rajkumar who is the NY State Assembly Representative and she represents Assembly District 38.


Outline Instructions:

Submit a strong thesis statement for your paper and an outline of your paper.  Here are two resources to help you

Your outline should indicate how your paper topic is related to economics.

How will your paper examine the economic costs (including opportunity costs) and benefits of your topic?

How could New York State policies on your topic effect the economy?

What are the positions of your elected representatives, in the Assembly and New York State Senate on your topic?


Full Paper Instructions

3 pages paper. In addition, there should be bibliography page.

Format of Paper:

Title: The title should be concise statement of the subject of the paper.


  1. State the topic you researched for the paper in a succinct declarative sentence identifying the topic you researched.
  2. Convince your reader that the study will be based upon concepts studied in the course.  Give an economic rationale why your topic is important and related to NY State legislative control.


Discussion, Implications and Recommendations:

  • Provide a logical discussion to prove to your reader that you understand the implications of your study. Use economic analysis in discussing your topic.


  • Include only pertinent information you have researched on the topic and implications.
  • What are the NY State policies that are being proposed or put into action to address the economic topic you researched?
  • If you were in a position to make recommendations, what would they be?
  • Write about your findings from your NY State legislators (in Assembly and NY State Senate) you researched or/and interviewed.


1. Amazon Management cohesiveness through pandemic

What the PowerPoint should capture. Amazon Management/team cohesiveness through pandemic

  • Outline/introduction
  • Amazon Management/team cohesiveness through pandemic
  • Research/supply chain issues /solutions
  • Warehouse space issues/solutions
  • Worker issues/solutions


1. Liver transplantation care

For patients with liver failure due to cirrhosis liver, transplantation may be the only possible treatment.

  • How is the care for the patient undergoing liver transplantation different from the care of a regular surgical patient?
  • What patient teaching is needed after a patient receives a liver transplant?
  • Should the patient with alcoholic cirrhosis be a candidate for a liver transplant?
  • Should government funds be used in the care of patients with cirrhosis who continue to consume alcohol?

1. Does the Nurse’s level of education matter?

Does the Nurse’s level of education matter?

The ANA has stated, “Education for those in the health-care professions must increase in depth and breadth as scientific knowledge expands” (Catalano, 2012, p.91) According to Catalano, there has been a lack of adequate preparation for educating clients with self-management concerns, particularly clients with chronic illnesses, and this lack of education is a serious violation of ethical responsibilities by health care providers.

Do you agree or disagree with these statement and why? Is the failure to properly educate clients the fault of the Nurse? Does the Nurse’s level of education matter? Why do you feel that way?

1.Essentials of Malpractice Risk Reduction for Nurse Practitioners

assignment 5 Essentials of Malpractice Risk Reduction for Nurse Practitioners

Please read the top 3 cases posted under the Malpractice section of the content, some case contents are intentionally left off.  Write your thought about EACH case:  What do you think went wrong?  Any questions that you like to ask?  What will you do differently?  Post your thought here and get ready for class discussion.

1. Personal Reflection Question

Personal Reflection Question – Total Marks 20 (max word limit- 300)

1. Imagine yourself as an entrepreneur of ABC LTD. ABC Ltd is a new startup dealing with high-end -organic products ( FMCG). The firm has completed 5 successful years. Based on    the given scenario- answer the following questions

a)What kind of budgeting practice do you prefer for your company and why? (10 Marks, 150 Words)

b) You have the intention of investing in a new product line. Discuss your choice of any 2 Capital Budgeting Methods and provide justification for the same.(10 Marks, 150 Words)

1. Types of Insurance to be discussed

  1. Insurance, including all of the types of insurance listed below in #1 and all of the insurance factors below in #2.
  2. Investing, including all of the investment factors listed in #3 below.


  1. Types of Insurance to be discussed (make a heading for each of the types of insurance in your discussion)
  • Health
  • Homeowners or renters (whichever applies to you)
  • Life (compare whole life with term life and which do you think is better)
  1. Factors to discuss for each type of insurance:
  • Insurance type
  • Type of loss covered
  • Likelihood that your financial health would be in jeopardy if the insured event occurs (consider the greatest type of event covered by each insurance – for example, your car is totaled). Where could you get a start at identifying values?
  • Likelihood that you and your family may encounter this type of loss.
  • Is this type of insurance required by any aspect of Government, your bank, or other legally binding requirement?
  • Why you should or should not purchase this type of insurance.


  1. Read the Module 2 Case Background information and pay attention to areas relating to the questions below.

(Note – the Investopedia sections that relate to the topics are in parentheses after the questions.)

  1. How would you characterize your risk tolerance? (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/risktolerance.asp)
  2. Give a brief description of Bonds, Stocks, Mutual funds, and one Alternative Investment (https://www.investopedia.com/articles/basics/11/3-s-simple-investing.asp)
  3. Briefly explain diversification in the context of an individual’s investment portfolio (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/d/diversification.asp).

1. For this discussion find an article

For this discussion find an article,

video segment, or another type of source in which a developmental theory is discussed, evaluated, demonstrated, etc.  In your main post, you need to identify the source in an APA style reference or link. Summarize the main points and how the theory or model is explained and how it fits into the developmental theory category.  Provide your opinion regarding the value of this theory or model. What weak points do you perceive?  An example would be something like a youtube presentation evaluating and explaining a developmental perspective or an article/study by a criminologist.

Submit the main post, with a heading. Your main post should be substantive and 500-word minimum. Be clear and concise.


1. evidenced-based practices to improve employee commitment

Describe the application of evidenced-based practices to improve employee commitment,

attitudes, and motivation in the workplace. Evaluate how you would use this as an I-O psychology professional. Discuss what tools and resources you will use to help stay current with the latest scientific research in the field on workplace motivation.