Write an article on the actual concepts portrayed by shakespeare

I need some assistance with these assignment. the actual concepts portrayed by shakespeare Thank you in advance for the help! The main theme of the play was love. Love is portrayed in very many angles. The suffering and jubilations of the characters are caused by love. The varied manner in which love is portrayed makes the play suitable. There are elements of same-sex relationships. The love Celia portrays towards Rosalinda is more than friendship and indicates the diverse nature of love in the play. There is also an element of love at first sight. Orlando and Rosalinda represent the element of love at first sight. The two represent secrets within relationships in that Rosalinda is involved in a girl-girl relation without Orlando’s knowledge. The plays represent the hidden sides of love while at the same time acknowledge the love that exists within family members. The actors perform perfectly to represent the main theme of the play. The actors represent the downs and lows of love. The actors, however, fail to utilize emotions and gestures in their representation.

Emotions and gestures are important while representing the mood of the play. The court mood is mixed as Fernando is ejected from the court. the actors ought to have utilized gestures and facial expressions to represent the sad mood. The actors, however, use tonal variation to represent sad and happy moods. This may fail to represent their intended purpose. The audience may fail to identify the mood of the play. The uses of words are insufficient in representing a wider spectrum as far as the play’s mood is concern. Different actors fail to shore these qualities while playing their roles. However, the female actors tend to utilize both tonal variation and facial expressions to represent excitement and sad moods. Higher tones would mean anger and excitement, while low tone needs to represent sadness and disappointment. The diverse nature of the actors needs to be used to represent the intended purpose of the author.

The male actors performed averagely while representing&nbsp.Fernando and Orlando.

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