A discussion of environmental issues as a moral concern

I need some assistance with these assignment. a discussion of environmental issues as a moral concern Thank you in advance for the help! The environment is a heavy word that includes a lot of things. It includes our surroundings, climate, air, water, mineral balance in the land, greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, and survival and diversity of species in a region (Linzey & Paul Barry, 2013).

Human beings, the most dominant species on the planet, own the sole responsibility of taking care of this planet and its environment. Human beings must look after animals’ needs and provide them with food, water and shelter, and stop animal rights violations. They must also do something that they find it hard to do it on their own because of the environmental changes brought upon them by humans. There is a serious need to focus on this issue, as humans have grown in numbers, and an average human now leaves a bigger footprint in his life than ever before. Thus, the consumption of carbon has increased, and with that, the pollutant gasses have increased in the atmosphere. There is severe degradation of the ozone layer that affects not only the lives of humans but also plants and animals. With that, temperatures have also changed, and the planet’s general vegetation is also affected (Buckingham & Turner, 2008).

Humans are the only species that kill and hurt solely for ambition, and the most affected of our nature are the innocent animals, which have been living on this planet way before us. But the animals have their rights that are not entertained by people in this world. Some of the most common human activities that violate animal rights are drug testing and experiments on animals. For this purpose, most animals are brought out from the forests and wildlife for drug testing (Watson, 2009). Different experiments on animals for drug testing are destroying forests’ wildlife and different habitats from this planet. There is also a major issue of carbon emission in the atmosphere, changing the climate worldwide. Also, creating problems for the animals and birds, they are forced to migrate more frequently, and they do not find sufficient food and suitable weather for their survival. Humans also have an ever-increasing need for land for residential and commercial use (Pearson, 2011).

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