a thesis and an outline on Religon. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Religon. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Both transcendence and immanence are attractive concepts. A transcendent Sacred is appealing because an all knowing, unchanging, immutable, and inaccessible Sacred never changes. A transcendent Sacred is responsible for the human race. The elusiveness of a transcendent Sacred allows humans to search for them all of their life. On the other hand, an imminent Sacred is caring, loving, and very intimate part of a believer’s life. An individual can be reassured everyday in the comfort of a Sacred that is intimate and personal. Both types of Sacred are very appealing. A transcendent Sacred draws more of a common sense type of individual. Most religions based on transcendence are common sense or based on a religious text. For example, Calvinists are a transcendent religion. The Calvinist believes The Sacred is explained in the King James Bible. Another key tenet is predestination. The Sacred created everything and all life is predestined to one fate. Similar religions refute feelings, visions, and other baser feelings as proof of religion. A transcendent religion is based on the faith for an unforgiving Sacred where the only hope is repentance. There is a comfort in this type of belief. Humans can be fallible, but an all knowing Sacred has a master plan. Thus everything in life is not random, but planned carefully for a master plan. Immanence in a Sacred is more of a personal experience between intimates. Charismatic Christian religions, Wiccans, and other religions have a Sacred that is imminent. The Sacred speaks to the individual. It is an intimate relationship between Sacred and believer. The Sacred is benevolent. Instead of looking for retribution for the evilness of the human race, the imminent Sacred tries to help humans evolve beyond evil. The imminent Sacred is a loving parent figure. This type of Sacred is very attractive. My personal beliefs are guided by a mixture of both transcendence and immanence. I believe The Sacred is all knowing, all powerful? and perfect being. My transcendent Sacred is higher than a human. They are strong enough to create and take care of me. On the other hand, my Sacred is very intimate with me. Every time the wind blows, I can feel the hand of my Sacred reassuring me everything will be alright. My prayers are answered daily. I believe my Sacred is compassionate and loving. If I had to choose, I would probably lean toward an immanence point of view than a transcendence point of view. A transcendence or immanence point of view definitely changes how people treat each other. Normally individuals that have a transcendent point of view are smugger. The attitude of “I’m going to heaven and you’re going to hell” is normally present. An urgency to either have a person to convert or they are the enemy seems to be the attitude. There is no room except for their Sacred in a transcendent religion. Any other point of view is blasphemous. Thus individuals following a transcendent Sacred treat all people like converts or enemies. It is a very narrow path to follow. Immanence beliefs allow for a more compassionate nature. They believe their Sacred wants everyone to eventually know their own path. They do not believe The Sacred shuts anyone out. Since a more intimate relationship exists with their Sacred, these type of people are more comfortable and at peace. That is why they seem to treat people with more tolerance and kindness. Transcendence and immanence are both attractive concepts. It depends on the person’s religion and point of view. Since I take the middle ground, I find both attractive. I believe that people should be able to find their own Sacred without interference from anyone else. It should be an individual journey, not a mass movement.

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