Appliance center sells a variety of electronic equipment and home

     Appliance Center sells a variety of electronic equipment and   home appliances. For the last four years, the following quarterly sales (in $   millions) were reported.          Quarter     Year I II III   2007 5.1 4.1 6.6   2008 4.4 3.4 5.6   2009 4.1 3.6 5.6   2010 5.4 4.7 6.2         Use the   seasonal indexes you computed to determine the deseasonalized sales.   Determine the linear trend equation based on the quarterly deseasonalized   sales data for the four years. Forecast the seasonally adjusted sales for   2011. (Round your answers to 3 decimal places.)         Fitted Index Forecast      0.882          0.751          1.142          1.226         

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