Cis 375 and 332 discussion


(A) Human Computer Interaction

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     Discussion 1 (Half apage)

“Interaction Design That Benefits the User” Please respond to the following:

· Manufactures of smartphones design products to be interactive with consumers. To remain competitive, designers are focused on getting a new product to market as quickly as possible. The user experience (UX) plays an important role in product development. Imagine that you are a manager for the product design department of a company. Suggest when it is appropriate to use Lean UX and when it is appropriate to use AgileUX. Provide a rationale for your response.

· Balsamiq and Axure are commercial products that evaluate the design and development process. Select either Balsamig or Axure and describe a situation where that tool would be more effective than the other. Justify your response.

Please review the following resources. Pick one and summarize some of the main points in your own words. (8 line)

· A Simple Introduction to Lean 

· )

· Lean UX vs. Agile UX – is there a difference?

· Five tips for agile UX in the enterprise.


(B) Network server Administration

    Discussion 2 (Half a Page)

“Choosing the Best Active Directory User Creation Tool and Organizational Unit Design Best Practices” Please respond to the following:

· Determine at least two (2) Windows Server 2012 Active Directory user creation scenarios and specify one (1) Active Directory user object creation tool that you believe is the most efficient for each scenario. Include the main reasons why you believe each tool is the most efficient one to use for your specified scenarios based on the time it takes to create users and the complexity of using the tool.

· From the e-Activity, choose the two (2) best practices you consider to be the most important when designing Organizational Units (OUs). Provide one (1) specific network configuration example for each best practice that demonstrates the application of the best practice. Provide justification as to why each best practice should be followed.