Company Chosen: AMAZON prepare a 10-page paper (3000 words) on ALL the themes in HRM mentioned below. *Please note that this assignment is worth 3o% of your final grade. *Please keep in mind that just2022-05-17 Answers

Company Chosen: AMAZONprepare a 10-page paper (3000 words) on ALL the themes in HRM mentioned below.*Please note that this assignment is worth 3o% of your final grade.*Please keep in mind that just listing ideas will not get the full mark. The purpose of this assignmentis for you to practice analysing workplace cases and various HR themes.Themes Training and Development, and Career Planning Performance Management Compensation ManagementPart I:This part of the assignment is a 1-2 pages brief overview of your project:o The enterprise you have chosen this includes the name of the enterprise, a backgroundsummary of the organization as well as their products. Please note that you have to assumethat your reader does not know the company. (e.g., just mentioning McDonald is and talkingabout the themes will lose mark.) o Briefly explain the aim of your research o In additionto providing reasons for why you chose this company. Please note that indicating “I like thiscompany” is not acceptable. You must provide logical reasoning.*This part Can be done in bullet form, HOWEVER, all the elements mentioned above should beaddressed AND briefly explained. Just listing ideas will result in losing marks.Part II:This part of the assignment will cover the introduction, Enterprise Policies and Enterprise practicesand analysis:o Introduction• Teams should provide a brief description of the enterprise that have chosen• Reasons for choosing it.• Introduce the remained components of the report.• o Enterprise Policies• Teams should describe the policies of the ALL themes in enterprise of theirchoice for instance, if you are working on Walmart, what policies Walmart have inplace regarding Human Resource planning. Please note, Strategies are differentfrom policies. Please avoid listing strategies. Keep in mind that copy pastingfrom the company’s website on their policies will result in mark reduction.The goal is for you group to read the policies and put them in your OWN WORDS.Example: Walmart “Conflict Minerals Policy” which indicates that productscontaining tantalum, tungsten or gold mined from Democratic Republic of theCongo should be reported if the mining company supports human rights violation.(Walmart, n.d.). This policy is related to Human rights theme of this reportbecause….o Enterprise Practices• Teams should describe the practices of all the themes in enterprise of their choice.Please do not just list ideas; you have to SUPPORT how your chosen companypractices by providing specific cases.Example: Walmart is dedicated to upholding ethical behaviours and humanrights. Therefore, this company has the “conflict Minerals Policy”(Walmart,n.d.) in place in which they asked X company to indicate the production ofitem Y containing tantalum (Cite). In doing so, Walmart as an ethicalenterprise, is trying to make sure that no humans’ rights violation hasaccrued during the production of item Y. (This is not a real case, just ahypotheticalexample)o Analysis• You should write the ANALYSIS of the effectiveness of the ALL the themes insupporting the enterprise’ business policies and practices.• You also should ANALYZE how such policies and practices enable their chosenenterprise to adopt to the disruptive and competitive business environment **Pleasenote that your report should be in APA style, therefore, failure to cite ( citation) will result in mark reduction. **Part III-This part is the last section of your report, in which you will put all your information together:o Executive Summary• The research aims.• The selected enterprise• The way research was conducted (i.e., what kind of resources were used? Why?)• What this report includes** this section should be brief, no more than 200-300 words** oConclusion:• The whole research findings must be addressed briefly in 200-300 wordsRubric:Sections Content Grades CommentsExecutive Summary Research aimSelected enterpriseThe way the research is conductedo Content of thereport/5Introduction o A brief description of the chosenEnterprise and reasons forchoosing the enterprise o Introducethe remained conceptsof the report/5Description:Description Policieso Describe the policies of all the themes inthe enterprise/25Description: EnterprisePracticeso Describe the practices of all the themesin enterprise/20Analysis o Analysis of effectiveness of all of thethemes in supporting the enterprise’business strategieso Enterprises’ ability to adopt to thedisruptive and competitive businessenvironment/40HRMT 620 Spring 2022Conclusion Research findings must be addressedbriefly (200-300 words)/5HRMT 620 Winter 2022

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