Complete 10 pages APA formatted article: Increasing Energy Use in Commercial Buildings.

The proposal provides an outline of the way to understand the energy-saving and analysis of commercial buildings. The study intends to use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to gather substantial data, which will be analyzed using statistical tools and software. The anticipated time period for the completion of the study is two months.

Energy use in commercial buildings is increasing as the users focus on more energy using strategies in the process of cooling and heating buildings. Thus, a lack of adequate supply of energy would imply that inhibition or operation of the commercial buildings would be minimal. Commercial buildings focus on achieving energy efficiency (Bruce 1977). Energy efficiency refers to the measures of ensuring that minimum energy is utilized in the process of cooling, heating, lighting and powering of equipment as necessary in ensuring that buildings offer comfortable conditions for the occupants. The building envelope influences the energy efficiency level of the building. Such includes walls, foundations, roofs, doors, and windows (Zanenga et al. 2010). These components should work together to ensure that a building remains warm as expected in winter and cool during the summer.

Commercial buildings consume a lot of energy. The existing methods of identifying energy-saving involve building operators who have knowledge of the normal operations of the buildings, but they do not have the resources and expertise levels to evaluate the energy savings. As such, energy-saving measures have to be adopted, which ensures that the building has the potential of maintaining its normal operations while saving on the consumed energy (Roberts 2008). Such involves having an algorithmic approach, which aids in data analysis on the energy-saving strategies of the buildings. However, the adopted approach has to consider that buildings have different operation modes, which indicate a variation in the&nbsp.level of energy consumption based on the operating mode.

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