Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: Black Panther Party.

Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: Black Panther Party. The Black Panther Party was one of the first organizations in U.S. history to militancy struggle for protecting ethnic minority and working-class emancipation (Guerrilla War in the U.S.A., n.d.). The Black Panther Party was a progressive political organization and a most powerful movement for social change in America since 1776 and the civil war and it is referred as The Sixties and it is only the sole black organization in entire history of black struggle against slavery and oppression in the US that was armed and promoted a revolutionary agenda by the black masses for equality, justice and freedom (What was the Black Panther Party, n.d.).

History of Black Panther Party: After the assassination of Malcolm X in the year 1965, Huey P. Newton gathered some of his friends including Bobby Seale and David Hilliard and developed an organization in the year 1966 (What was the Black Panther Party, n.d.). It was originally named as Black Panther Party for Self Defense and Black Panther was used as a symbol. In 1967 Bobby Seale and 30 other party members were arrested and later in 1967 Newton was arrested for killing an Oakland Police Officer. To free Huey, panther Eldridge Clever begins a movement “Free Huey” and later Stokely Carmichael was recruited as the party’s prime minister in 1968.

Carmichael, a former chairman of the Students Nonviolent Coordination Committee (SNCC) was totally adamant of absorbing white into the movement and this has led to the basis of black power in the US. To curtail the movement, in 1968 the FBI initiated a program known as counterintelligence program and later did the surgical assassinations for killing many members of the organization. These mass killings and several arrests were followed by a psychological war designed to split and destroy the party (Guerilla war in the U.S.A., n.d.).

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Theory of Black Panther Party: Malcolm X was a role model of the Black Panther Party and the party members followed Malcolm’s belief of international working-class unity across various minority groups, color or gender and therefore they were able to unite various minority and white revolutionary group. The Black Panther Party rejected the government’s stance to join politics and share power structure (Black Panther Party, n.d.). The Black Panther Party took many ideas from Karl Marx, Lenin, and Mao and shaped the Black Panther Party in such a manner in which it should organize a revolutionary cadre organization and from the Maoism the Black Panther Party considered them the vanguard party that is committed to organizing support for a socialist revolution (Black Panther Party, n.d.). They later adopted ten-point programs.

The Rules of Black Panther Party: In addition to ten point programs, every member of the Black Panther party has to obey a number of rules and the enforcing authorities such as central committee members.&nbsp.

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