Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Criminology juvenile delinquent Assignment 1- chptr 3-6.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Criminology juvenile delinquent Assignment 1- chptr 3-6. In the University of Shippenburg, they argued that children name explain some juvenile delinquencies in the majority of races. They concluded that children with unpopular name have correlated influence to juvenile delinquency. Children in lower social economic groups have a difficult life, which contribute to, the development of juvenile delinquency. The essay addresses the upbringing and the early life conditions of Ariel Gutieerrez. He had all the conditions that lead to juvenile delinquency. He was rejected by his parent at early ages and had to live in the streets of Los Angeles. He lacked basic formal education and parental supervision. Moreover, he engaged in substance abuse and in disorder conducts that characterize the street life.

Ariel was born of an American father and a Mexican woman. His father got acquainted after a short period of knowing Catherine. Both have just finished high school, but had no means of joining college because they were from poor families. They soon bore a son and named him Ariel Gutieerrez. Ariel Gutieerrez was born while both his parent were living together in the outcast of Los Angeles, but after a brief union his father walked out of home leaving him and his mother to struggle for basic needs. Ariel father had no job and neither her mother nor their parents. They survived on casual jobs, and they could not adequately provide for the family. This might explain why Ariel father walked away of the family for failing to cater for their need. Soon as his father went out of the family, Ariel mother abandoned him and went on her ways.

Ariel went to the street of Los Angeles and joined other street children. Life as a street children exposed him to all manners of survival including gang life, engaging in crime, molesting and drug abuse. He was doing drugs, and he lived in and out of jail for most of his childhood life.

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