Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Critical evaluation of Freemark Abbey Winery.

The best quality wine is produced only when the fruit has been ripened to a level where it reaches a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. The ripeness of grapes is influenced by the existing weather conditions as well. In order to produce the right type of wine it is crucial that everything from the level of ripeness the grapes have achieved to the existing weather are all in a perfect balance. Most of all the fermentation process is accelerated by a certain type of bacteria known as botrytis mold.

The latter part of the case takes an elaborate look at the different factors which impact its owner’s decisions regarding whether or not to harvest the grapes based on the weather predictions of an approaching storm. It discusses the ways in which the storm could affect the quality of wine and in turn its market price.

If the wine was perfectly botrytised the wine would be significantly superior in quality but its quantity would be reduced. This kind could produce fewer bottles but they could easily be priced relatively high at a price of $8.00.

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The case study revolves around discussing all these factors which influence William Jaeger about deciding whether or not he should harvest the grapes prior to the approaching storm or wait for luck to strike. This is a critical decision to make and all possible options should be evaluated before taking a decision. There are several predictors of decision and various factors which have to be taken into consideration in order to decide whether the grapes should be harvested immediately or at a later stage.

The biggest problem is that Jaeger’s decisions are all based on assumptions about the weather forecast. Incase the assumptions fail, the consequential strategy will also be unsuccessful. Freemark Abbey can rent a weather detector to maximize surety.

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