Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Free Will, Fulfilling the Desires of the Individual.

Thus, it has been argued that the concept of free will should be purely based on the human rationally cognitive function, which is associated with the concept of moral responsibility. Under the moral responsibility principle, an individual is required to act freely (Vaughn, 2012). Therefore, the conclusive definition of free will is the ability of an individual to act rationally conscious in making the best choice, given the circumstances that an individual is facing. In this respect, free will adheres to the concept of sensitivity to one’s own judgment, based on the ethical possibilities of the choice taken, being right or wrong (Vaughn, 2012).

Most often, people act out of impulses and are therefore unaware of the causes of their behaviors. The concept of genetic predisposition, coupled with the element of unconscious cues in the brain suggests that we do not have free will (Vaughn, 2012). This is because, out of the genetic predisposition of an individual, the individual finds himself acting in a certain way that he is not able to actively and consciously control. Therefore, the suggestion that individuals have free is tantamount to asserting the fact that causality is not involved in the human decision-making process (Vaughn, 2012). This assertion is, in itself, very misleading.

On the other hand, arguing that humans do not have free will is downright mistaken, considering that such an argument would mean that humans do not involve an active mental action process while selecting alternatives. Such an argument would mean that as opposed to doing or performing some actions, things merely happen to individuals (Vaughn, 2012). Humans are actively engaging their mental processes in determining alternatives. Consequently, mental action is involved in the process of humans making choices, which in turn means that since a choice is a mental action, it is not causally determined, and thus humans have free will (Vaughn, 2012).

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