Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Merv Griffin’s Game Show Jeopardy.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Merv Griffin’s Game Show Jeopardy. When the show returned to NBC to be part of the network’s daytime programming in 1978, Fleming likewise made a return to the show. It is noteworthy that far from the game format becoming stale and obsolete over time, and the growing prevalence of the Internet and mobile telephony with apps, Jeopardy has remained relevant and vibrant at present, even though Fleming was replaced by the long-standing host Alex Trebek. Trebek has come to represent Jeopardy as its official face especially among the younger set, who was not there for the most part when Fleming hosted the show for those many years in the ’60s and the 1970s. The identity of the show can be divided between that of Fleming and the old order that that represented, and the new order of Trebek, who has been witness to Jeopardy’s seeming perennial relevance and popularity, and the small and large changes wrought by history over the years that Trebek has been host (“Jeopardy!”. Associated Press. Thomas. Answers Corporation. Rossen. Prager. Murphy).

It is an understatement to say that Jeopardy’s pioneer show at NBC was a success, with Fleming as the host. Fleming’s success is measured in terms of the initial success of the game show itself, and the long run of the show under Fleming’s helm, to the point where those who got to know the game first-hand during the show’s first decade came to identify Fleming with the show, in much the same way that those who came in later, at the time of Trebek’s first year as host onwards, have come to identify Trebek as the face of the show. Before there was Trebek in this role there was Fleming, and Griffin himself admitted that a large portion of the show’s early&nbsp.success owes from the large following of Fleming even before the first show aired. Griffin notes that the idea to get Fleming to host the show came to Griffin when he first saw Fleming in a TV commercial for an airline.

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