Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: St Jude Medical Centre.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: St Jude Medical Centre. The paper discusses St Jude Medical Center in South California. As one enters through the gates of St Jude Medical Center, the entrance and the kind of decorations placed around it welcomes one to the real atmosphere (Carpenter, 2009). The gate is always manned by at least two security officers who are friendly to the customers who walk in. the gate is painted with a mixture of cream and green colours. Though it is a metallic gate the manner I which it has been made makes it a see-through. Halfway downwards parts of the gate are painted in green that compliments with the green grass within the compound. The upper part of the see-through metallic gate is painted in cream something that the guards take a lot of pride top explain to the curious visitors coming to the hospital. The guards claim that the green part of the gate is supposed to welcome the visitors to the serene environment within the medical centre (Carpenter, 2009). This they claim helps the patients and visitors feel at home the moment they get through the gate into the all green compound helping them relax and reduce the tension one might have developed before coming in. The cream part of the gate tends to blend so well with the atmosphere complementing the clouds which are grey. This gives a feeling of that one is indeed getting to a totally different institution rather than a medical institution. This is further compounded with the absence of people hanging around the gate of the medical centre as witnessed in other health facilities which are an eyesore and a total put off to most patients who mostly associate it with lack of organization. Just passed the main gate into the compound there is a small security room where each and every individual has to pass through for purposes of security checks (Carpenter, 2009).

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