Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: John Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassination.

The investigation also did its best to answer questions about the more popular conspiracies related to the event such as “The Single Bullet Theory” and “The Grassy Knoll Theory” which was propagated by the Warren Commission and public imagination respectively. Using the 26-second video footage taken by Abraham Zapruder, on his 8mm camera, which is the only existing footage of the assassination in progress, forensic anthropology experts, weapons experts, forensic pathologists, and historians set out to possibly finally give an answer to the mysterious events surrounding the Kennedy assassination via the most modern technological forensic tools at their disposal. Their answer to the questions, using evidence and the relatively new field of forensic science, the evidence analysis manages to shed new light and bring new information to the public eye regarding the assassination and conspiracy theories.

Very little was known about forensic science at the time of the assassination. Even much less was known about the rifle used. Modern forensic science has finally given us the ability to look back into this cold case by re-evaluating the evidence present. and studying the answers that have been resting within them all along.

The investigation begins with an examination of the gun and bullet that Oswald used, a Manlincher – Carcano was a WWII Italian made rifle purchased by Oswald under the alias A. Hidell from Kleins Sporting Goods – Chicago. It is a rifle that was not really known for ease of use, nor accuracy of the shot. However, when tested under various conditions by firearms expert Luke Haag, the gun and bullet held up to the Warren Commission version of the events. The “Single Bullet” Theory was not only a possibility but a reality.

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In various testing stages, the 6.6-millimeter rifle proved to be an unreliable choice of weapon for such an undertaking being a bolt action rifle and very clumsy to use. The conclusion, however, was that it was chosen based on its price, $13, being one of the cheapest in its class.&nbsp

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