Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Sanctity of Marriage between a Man and Woman vs Same-Sex Unions.

. a union that is a replication of marriage of or between people of the same sex in any jurisdiction is in most cases considered and treated within all respects as not having legal force or impact in this state, thereby not gaining any recognition from the state as a marriage or other union that are a replication of marriage (Carl, 2009). However, this perception continues to take a different direction with the majority of gay activists fighting for the right of recognition of gay marriages.

Kant’s Slippery Slope Theory

According to this theory, legalizing gay marriage is capable of leading to the legalization, as well as recognition of man-on-dog relationships or marriages, or even man-on-children. Amazingly, those people making this argument appear to be distracting themselves from the subject at hand by begetting other controversial subjects into the fray. There is an extraordinary distinction between two devoted gay couples marrying one another compared to a man getting married to a little boy since a little boy is incapable of consenting to a relationship together with an older man. however, it is obvious that two gay people can. In instances whereby it appears as a little boy is consenting, apparently, he is too immature to comprehend what he is doing thereby ending up getting damaged psychologically. On the other hand, committed gay couples who happen to be in love with one another, when they make a decision of getting married to each other, it gets considered as a mature decision (Chauncey, 2005). Although there are times when slippery slope arguments appear to be reasonable, in most cases, these arguments are not only weak and suspicious at best, but also seriously flawed. Therefore, if society consents to this theory, it is clear that the future will not only be distracted, but the next generation will be a generation that no longer has values or principles.

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Religious Christian ViewPoint: Methodist, Baptist, and Catholic

Same-sex unions are an issue that is presently controversial between Christian churches with some of them consenting to it while others condemning it.

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