Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: A criminal offends because he is caused to do so in a way which the non criminal is not.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: A criminal offends because he is caused to do so in a way which the non criminal is not. Discuss this claim in relation to positivist criminology. Although both of these theories belong to criminology at large but their ideologies are significantly different from one another. This paper aims to study positivist criminology while discussing a distinctive claim made in relation to criminology. Moreover, the two theories positivist and classist criminology would be compared to comprehend their basic functions and real world practicality.

Criminology is broadly defined as the comprehensive study of why people indulge in to criminal activities. It also includes the observation of various criminal attitudes and behaviors while focusing on external and internal motivation factors (Understanding Criminology Theories, 2014). Studying criminology significantly helps in controlling crime rate since when investigators know the actual reasons for crime they can act accordingly while rehabilitating the criminal. Different criminology theories address different issues, for instance, some are associated with the individual criminals whereas others focus more towards the criminal’s act. Hence some criminologist suggests that criminals make a conscious choice in order to commit the crime while others suggest that community persuades an individual to act in an offensive manner. Thus they consider it the responsibility of social powers and community leaders to ensure that the inhabitants do not fall in to illegal and unethical activities. This can be effectively done through providing them safe and protected job opportunities with an addition of sustainable living conditions (Understanding Criminology Theories, 2014).

Apart from this, criminologists who believe that individuals have internal motivations and instincts to act violently should be determined during various examinations and psychological tests.

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