Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Impact of Globalization on Workers, Cultures, and Environment.

Technology is also paving way for various cultures and business opportunities to be traded in foreign settings. Thus, technology influences globalization. Globalization is the connectivity of different aspects touching on social, political, business, and cultural diversity. The result of globalization is the development of global citizens, a technologically-sensitive generation keeping up with global trends and taking them as part of their identity. Following the interaction of technology, globalization, and the human entity. this essay seeks to show the factors involved in the interaction and what role the human entity has in regulating and controlling the impact of technological development and globalization.



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The best definition of technology as per the scope of this essay is the development and sustaining of innovative inventions. Technology allows humans to work and perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible to achieve without it. Inventions such as communication systems, information systems, heavy-duty machinery, medical equipment, and resource management systems perform a principal task of making human activities easier and faster to execute. With a better time management approach, humans can promote their economies to resemble developed nations. In addition, current technology is used to research and develop future technology. Hence, technological development is a process in which current or slow systems or approaches to doing business are made faster and much efficient to tackle increasing demand and responsibilities (Rocci, 2012).


Globalization is the process and state of connectedness in terms of communication, business interaction, culture diversity, and emulation of international trends – social and economic, etc. Globalization is also the outcome of having a connected world in terms of communication channels such as different social classes interact over long distances and businesses sell to global customers.

Impact of Technology Development

The technological development effects can be felt individually by different sets of individuals. Within the domestic and commercial settings, various groups of people fill up positions that require the use of technology.

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