Compose a 1000 words assignment on pu songling’s ghost stories.

Compose a 1000 words assignment on pu songling’s ghost stories. Needs to be plagiarism free! Anthony C. Yu in his comprehensive study about the elements of ghosts in Chinese fiction notes that the concern for the dead and its treatment and the possibility of an afterlife has been one of the most basic concerns of any human society and that the Chinese expression of the same is embodied in cultural artifacts such as verbal documents. An important and famous document of such kind is the series of short stories written by Pu Songling in Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio.&nbsp.

&nbsp.Adventure-laden, action-packed and supernatural stories of Pu Songling can be summed up to have one feature in common, a preoccupation with experience of the afterlife. In the story Friendship Beyond the Grave, for example, the protagonist Ye succeeds in life and fulfills all of his dreams but ironically only after his death and more interestingly, during the entire phase of his activities that he performs with his dear friend Ding, he remains unaware himself that he is dead until he ultimately reaches his home only to be told by his horrified wife that he had been dead for more than three years. The idea of the afterlife incorporates a vital period of time, at least in Songling’s story which can be used for unfulfilled purposes. Such is the case that attempts to transcend the concept of death as the end of life as against the idea of death as another life of greater purpose, fulfillment, and promise. Anthony C. Yu’s evaluation of the Chinese Ghost’s prose most fits this characteristic:

&nbsp.“Much of this kind of fiction may be didactic, but the intended messages differ just as the plot arrangements serviceable to them differ. The demands of the departed can be quite reasonable, and even ghosts can be outwitted (406)”.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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