Compose a 1250 words assignment on a city after a natural disaster named paradise island in hawaii

The year is now 2160 and much of the continental United States is now underwater. Many people were relocated to Paradise Island from the Western United States and Canada after the melting ice caps made sea levels rise and drove Vancouver and Seattle under the sea. As of yesterday, the population count was 1.5 million and the city is located entirely on the island of O’ahu. Life on the Island is not all that different from life on the mainland. As far as the city components are concerned, Paradise Island closely resembles any city that a person would find on the mainland, much like Manhattan, there is one single large park in the center of the city called the ‘Big Park’ which has a large lagoon that splits through the centre of it. There are also a number of public beaches near the sea. Surrounding the inner are terraced farmlands which move up the mountainsides on O’ahu.

Peppered throughout the city are a number of statues of American Presidents, which often are used as regional meeting places. On the North End of town, there is a large tower shaped like an obelisk. The structure stands out because it is the only building that does not have a solar panel or wind turbine on it.

In terms of Governance, the city is broken into 10 administrative districts surrounding the ‘Big Park’ which are responsible for providing education and emergency services however all other municipal functions are taken care of by the master boards (School Board, Board of Health, etc.) and by city hall. The education delivery method is still in traditional schools however in addition to regular classroom lectures, students engage in virtual education which has students put on a virtual reality helmet which helps deliver a more tailored lesson plan to the individual student’s needs.

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Some of the major health issues facing the city are heat exhaustion and skin disorders (From overexposure).&nbsp.

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