Compose a 1250 words assignment on an interview with an adult.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on an interview with an adult. Needs to be plagiarism free! Even though she wasn’t working as she wanted to, the only thing she wanted to change about her jobs was to have longer hours for both. Instead of fighting the changes in her career, she accepted them and even made room for them to both exist in her life.

Laura is a very active, interesting woman. In regard to her interests, she describes herself as being eclectic, never “doing one thing for long, and always finding something new to try.” She is very involved in the arts, especially in film and music production. She also makes it a point to read for at least an hour each day, which, as she explains, keeps her intellectual side strong. Furthermore, at fifty-two, she is incredibly physically active, taking classes in yoga, Pilates, and tae-bo. she used to participate in skiing and snowboarding, but “hung up [her] board and poles” after one too many broken bones. Despite that speed bump in her active life, Laura keeps herself physically and mentally stimulated.

Laura has been married to her husband for eight years. This is her second marriage and, as she put it, hopefully, her last. Laura has one daughter from her first marriage, and her current husband has a daughter from his first marriage. Both girls are nineteen years old and are very close friends. Laura’s daughter is a full-time law student and her stepdaughter is an art major. Laura’s husband, Zeke, works as an architect. Since Laura’s first husband and Zeke’s first wife are not in their respective daughters’ lives, the four of them have created their own happy little family together.

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Talking about her first marriage left Laura a bit emotional. Her own parents had divorced when she was younger, which left a sour taste in her mouth at the thought of marriage. She had very little dating experience in high school, where she met the man who would become her first husband.

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