Compose a 1250 words assignment on five minute persuasive speech on arthur miller’s play.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on five minute persuasive speech on arthur miller’s play. Needs to be plagiarism free! Primarily, I believe that a society is judged by how her people behave and their relationship with one another. For this reason, I am greatly convinced that even though we could have missed the point on certain critical issues, there is still a chance for correction of our past mistakes, no matter how grave they might have been. However, I must mention that there is more than meets the eye in the community of Salem. There have been widespread rumors that this community is slowly deteriorating into a senseless society where the people partake of all forms of vices. Undoubtedly, rumors of witchcraft are afoot in Salem and threaten to break the peace.&nbsp.If we do not guard against such wickedness with all that we have, I tell you to rest assured that we will be a community to be proud of shortly.

Perhaps it could be because of a decline in the spiritualism of the people of Salem that there have been rampant cases of intolerance. I still insist that we are all brothers and sisters created by one God to have compassion and humility towards one another irrespective of their personality, religious, political, or social affiliations. As we all know, we live in a theocratic society, and therefore, we must embrace all the aspects required of such a society. We have seen and made great strides in the attainment of peace through nationhood and religion, and therefore, it is incumbent upon every one of us that we should not let, for any reason, this great achievement goes down the drain. Good people, I honestly understand that in every market place there has to be a mad man. However, we should not let that mad man that exists within our society to destroy all that we pride ourselves in. by this. I mean that although each one of us has their own opinion, which they are entitled to, we should never accept a divergent opinion to derail our social and religious norms.

Let me go straight to my point of intolerance, which has rocked our society to alarming levels, and this could destabilize the peace that we have enjoyed over the years. Indeed, Puritanism dictates that we embrace both the state and moral laws as one thing. Who could have thought that such a great society like ours could have shifted from the norms that we inherited from our ancestors and have been practicing for years? Perhaps it boils down to the accumulation of individual sins of everyone that have turned into a monster, which is gradually eroding our moral and religious standings. As a strong reminder, everything, be it an idea, a perspective, or a deed belongs to either the devil or God.

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