Compose a 1250 words assignment on individuals with autism cannot learn new skills.

On the other hand, autistic children feel challenging to operate on their own and require continuous assistance to learn new things. However, the learning potential and learning capability of autistic individuals can be improved using some effective treatments and therapies. There are different myths about Autism that can be proved correct or incorrect. The myth selected for review for this paper is that individuals with Autism cannot learn new skills. Scholarly journals will be used to support and refute the myth. At the end of the article, the findings will be summarized, and a recommendation will be given about the myth discussed in the paper.

Support for the Myth

Autism is a behaviorally defined medical problem characterized by qualitative impairments in an individual’s ability to interact, image, and communicate (Baird, Cass, & Slonims, 2003). This statement shows that Autism is a big problem as people with Autism cannot interact with other people around them in the way normal individuals do it. The main symptoms of Autism, which determine the presence of Autism in a child, include poor eye contact, less interaction with family members, inability to speak a single word for a long time after birth, and inability to make non-verbal gestures (Baird, Cass, & Slonims, 2003). These symptoms show that individuals with Autism have some sort of social isolation emotions that hinder their ability to interact with others appropriately. Their mind and feelings are attached to some particular things because of which their learning skills and abilities do not increase. As a result of this, they feel it difficult to learn new skills, whether they are social skills, judgment skills, or cognitive skills.

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Another scholarly reference that supports the myth that autistic individuals cannot learn new skills is that people with Autism show repetitive patterns of behaviours. As Wing (1996) states, “Autistic spectrum disorders share a triad of impaired social interaction, communication, and imagination, associated with a rigid, repetitive pattern of behaviour” (p. 327). This statement again supports the myth as it terms the behaviours and actions of autistic individuals as a repetitive pattern of behaviours. Repetition occurs only when a person finds it challenging to learn new skills or new knowledge regarding anything.&nbsp.

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