Compose a 1250 words assignment on introduction to social science.

Every society has specific characteristics like its concept on the right roles of women and men. Biography refers to specific experiences that give people their life orientations. Thus, Mills says that individuals do not do what they do because of internal inheritance of mechanisms like instincts but external influences (Punch 211). External experiences become part of one’s motivation and thinking. Thus, it can be concluded that the sociological perspective is that people’s choice of careers is influenced by the environment that they grew up in and live in.

One of the psychological main assumptions is that work is one of the main activities in the life of a human being that is important in order to survive. Another one is that it naturally interacts with the different roles that individuals take in the social and economic lives. The psychology of working can be viewed as an explicitly contextualized discourse that looks to define the effect of racism, classism, heterosexist, and disabling conditions related to the full range of experience. As typical career development theory plus practice has cantered on the requirements of a person who can access education also, work that is in line with their goals, interests, and values, most people in the world do not have such benefits. Psychologists have looked at the influence of social class, race, sexual orientation, and gender in career development (Punch 215).

Economic growth and development is a topic that is of interest to economists and political scientists (See1). Economics defines economic growth as the increase in the market value of goods and services that are produced in a given economy with time. It is usually measured as the percentage rate of growth of real Gross Domestic Product. In economics, economic growth is used to refer to the growth of potential production at full employment. This is different from economic development, which is the study of economic elements of the development process in&nbsp.developing countries.

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