Compose a 1250 words assignment on online communities.

The online community has both positive and negative impacts on the community. Consequently, it is necessary to explain the positive and negative impacts of the online community. In addition, it is crucial to proffer solutions to the negative effects of online communities. One of the negative impacts of the online community is that it has reduced the quality of relationships amongst people (Moorman & Bowker 2). People only focus on quantitative relationships in online communities. It means that their main aim is to make many friends. One may have more than 5000 friends on the online community, but feel empty in the real world because the friendships formed on social media are of poor quality. The online platform has also affected the quality of friendship in the real community. People spend most of their time on social media and do not get time to interact with their friends because they believe that they can simply interact with them online. In as much as friends may meet, they do not get enough time to talk to each other since they spend most of their time chatting. People have to interact more on a personal level in order to create quality relationships. This enables them to know each other better (Moorman & Bowker 2). It is difficult for people to know their friends well without meeting and interacting in the real community.

The online community has destroyed people’s relationships in the real world. Studies show that many marriages have been destroyed because of the online communities (Sohn 1). The online community encourages people to cheat on their spouses. Study outcomes reveal that people who spend most of their time on social media are more likely to break their marriages. It is easier for people to reconnect with their ex-partners on an online platform (Sohn 1). Prior to the introduction of social media, it was difficult for people to meet with their ex-partners or new partners. Interaction in online communities is very addictive. This means that people spend most of their time chatting with their friends online than their partners. They do not get time to interact with their partners.

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