Compose a 1250 words assignment on patients right and responsibilities.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on patients right and responsibilities. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The points below will highlight the rights of the patients. Also included is the responsibility of the patients which are needed to be followed to ensure better care and health for the patients themselves.&nbsp.

Responsibility to follow all rules and regulations and code of conduct within the hospital premises, like the no smoking policy, visiting hours, proper treatment to staff, the safety of self, as well as all surrounding you.

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America is facing a new increase in health care systems. People are being treated under ‘Managed Care’ plans. Managed care refers to a number of techniques that are used to influence the clinical health of people and care providers. This is mainly to ensure that the cost, quality, and access to health care services are apt for populations of covered enrollees (Kongstvedt, 2008).

There are a number of techniques used in managed care. There is a number that creates limitations on patients. The cost containment is one which leads to compromised quality care, and also the patient and doctor relations. The cost containment would mean, longer working hours, an overload of work for doctors and staff. These lead to the doctors tending to spend lesser time with patients and aiming at meeting more number of patients. This can cause a limitation for the patients and the time that they receive from the doctors. Also if efficiency is low from the staff of the managed care then the patients would be faced with reduced services and level of effective services.

The antitrust concerns are mainly the concerns that have been set down by the US legislation to help protect from unlawful restraints, discriminations in prices, monopolies, and also price-fixing. This is mainly to provide for discouraging monopolies and also other restrictive practices (American Optometric Association, 2009). These laws also encourage higher competition and also provide for governing unfair trade practices (NCSL, 2009). There is a growing need for managed care to understand the antitrust issues to ensure complete organizational participation.

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