Compose a 1250 words assignment on power for a greener future.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on power for a greener future. Needs to be plagiarism free! There is an urgent need to eliminate the burning of oil, coal and even natural gas. Although oil lubricates the world economy currently and coal produces almost fifty percent of eclectic power across the world, the challenge is to find alternate renewable energy resources that can fit the bill. Replacing them through Biofuels may prove beneficial.

As per Special Report on Emission Scenarios, published from the year 2000, fossil fuel is responsible for meeting the maximum energy needs, across the globe. The report further reveals that carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuels has nearly doubled during the three decades from 1970 to 2009. Hence, there is a need to reduce the burning of fossil fuels to help to limit carbon emissions. (Hook, 2013)

While emissions from buildings contribute to around 43 percent of the total greenhouse effect in the USA and 33 percent worldwide, there is an urgent need to change to a green environment. This includes making homes with thicker insulated walls using material that can result in consuming less power due to lesser-needed temperature regulation. Similarly, well-maintained roads can result in fuel-saving for all vehicles. (Cool Trends, 2008). In addition, the cement production process can utilize alternate fuel burning methods for firing up the kilns.

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Wind and solar energy find commercial applications in the current efforts for searching viable alternatives to conventional power generation methods. The opinion of experts presented in the Wall Street Journal, on this subject point to certain unconventional features of these resources. For example, windmills require natural winds blowing at high speeds to generate the required electricity.

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