Compose a 1250 words assignment on year round schools.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on year round schools. Needs to be plagiarism free! The only difference as per the timings and extent of learning is that the year-round schools do not give a long time for vacations which may distract children’s attention from studies. The traditional nine months schooling system provided an extended vacation of 3 months to the students, whereas, the year-round school provides a number of short vacations to the students. There are certainly positive and negative issues related to this relatively new approach. This paper starts up a debate on year-round schooling and analyzes the pros and cons related to year-round schooling.

There is a debate over encouraging the best possible way to promote a structural learning environment for the children. Children need a properly structured and well-organized system of learning. The longer breaks and cut-off from the educational environment affect the stability of students learning habits. An article on Education Bug supports this claim by asserting that year-round school eliminates the threats of learning gap and loss of learning by eliminated longer time periods off the school.

The year-round schools design the vacation structure in such a way that different student groups are off-campus at different timings. This, firstly, ensures that all students are not on vacations at the same time providing more space for the teachers to concentrate on the remaining population of students on campus. Secondly, it reduces the class size and children’s regular regiment remains unchanged.

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The most efficient use of the school system is the one which provides greater satisfaction to the parents and students in terms of learning. The obvious reason for joining educational institutes is to promote active learning and keeping that learning pace steady and organized.&nbsp.

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